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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Throat n.
 1. Anat. (a) The part of the neck in front of, or ventral to, the vertebral column. (b) Hence, the passage through it to the stomach and lungs; the pharynx; -- sometimes restricted to the fauces.
    I can vent clamor from my throat.   --Shak.
 2. A contracted portion of a vessel, or of a passage way; as, the throat of a pitcher or vase.
 3. Arch. The part of a chimney between the gathering, or portion of the funnel which contracts in ascending, and the flue.
 4. Naut. (a) The upper fore corner of a boom-and-gaff sail, or of a staysail. (b) That end of a gaff which is next the mast. (c) The angle where the arm of an anchor is joined to the shank.
 5. Shipbuilding The inside of a timber knee.
 6. Bot. The orifice of a tubular organ; the outer end of the tube of a monopetalous corolla; the faux, or fauces.
 Throat brails Naut., brails attached to the gaff close to the mast.
 Throat halyards Naut., halyards that raise the throat of the gaff.
 Throat pipe Anat., the windpipe, or trachea.
 To give one the lie in his throat, to accuse one pointedly of lying abominably.
 To lie in one's throat, to lie flatly or abominably.