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4 definitions found

From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典

 spi·ril·lum /spaɪˈrɪləm/

From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Medical Dictionary 英漢醫學字典

 spi·ril·lum /spaɪˈrɪləm/ 名詞

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Spi·ril·lum n.
 1. Biol. A genus of common gram-negative motile microorganisms (family Spirillaceae) having the form of spiral-shaped filaments.  They are obligately microaerophilic, and do not ferment carbohydrates. --Stedman.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      n 1: spirally twisted elongate rodlike bacteria usually living in
           stagnant water
      2: any flagellated aerobic bacteria having a spirally twisted
         rodlike form [syn: spirilla]
      [also: spirilla (pl)]