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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Stu·pid a.
 1. Very dull; insensible; senseless; wanting in understanding; heavy; sluggish; in a state of stupor; -- said of persons.
 O that men . . . should be so stupid grown . . .
 As to forsake the living God!   --Milton.
 With wild surprise,
 A moment stupid, motionless he stood.   --Thomson.
 2. Resulting from, or evincing, stupidity; formed without skill or genius; dull; heavy; -- said of things.
 Observe what loads of stupid rhymes
 Oppress us in corrupted times.   --Swift.
 Syn: -- Simple; insensible; sluggish; senseless; doltish; sottish; dull; heavy; clodpated.
  -- Stu*pid*ly adv. -- Stu*pid*ness, n.