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From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典

 cau·cus /ˈkɔkəs/

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Cau·cus n.  A meeting, especially a preliminary meeting, of persons belonging to a party, to nominate candidates for public office, or to select delegates to a nominating convention, or to confer regarding measures of party policy; a political primary meeting.
    This day learned that the caucus club meets, at certain times, in the garret of Tom Dawes, the adjutant of the Boston regiment.   --John Adams's Diary [Feb. , 1763].

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Cau·cus, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Caucused p. pr. & vb. n. Caucusing.] To hold, or meet in, a caucus or caucuses.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      n : a closed political meeting
      v : meet to select a candidate or promote a policy