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3 definitions found

From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典

 je·june /ʤɪˈʤun/

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Je·june a.
 1.  Lacking matter; empty; void of substance.
 2.  Void of interest; barren; meager; dry; as, a jejune narrative.
 - Je*june*ly, adv. -- Je*june*ness, n.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      adj 1: lacking in nutritive value; "the jejune diets of the very
             poor" [syn: insubstantial]
      2: displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; "adolescent
         insecurity"; "jejune responses to our problems"; "their
         behavior was juvenile"; "puerile jokes" [syn: adolescent,
          juvenile, puerile]
      3: lacking interest or significance; "an insipid personality";
         "jejune novel" [syn: insipid]