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From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典

 un·de·sir·able /-ˈzaɪrəbəl/

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Unabolishable  See abolishable.
 Unabsolvable  See absolvable.
 Unabsurd  See absurd.
 Unabundant  See abundant.
 Unaccordant  See accordant.
 Unadoptable  See adoptable.
 Unadventurous  See adventurous.
 Unaffable  See affable.
 Unaffectionate  See affectionate.
 Unafraid  See afraid.
 Unalliable  See alliable.
 Unallowable  See allowable.
 Unalterable  See alterable.
 Unambiguous  See ambiguous.
 Unambitious  See ambitious.
 Unamendable  See amendable.
 Un-American  See -American.
 Unamusive  See amusive.
 Unangular  See angular.
 Unanxious  See anxious.
 Unapocryphal  See apocryphal.
 Unapostolic  See apostolic.
 Unapparent  See apparent.
 Unappeasable  See appeasable.
 Unapplausive  See applausive.
 Unappreciable  See appreciable.
 Unapprehensible  See apprehensible.
 Unapprehensive  See apprehensive.
 Unapproachable  See approachable.
 Unartificial  See artificial.
 Unartistic  See artistic.
 Unassailable  See assailable.
 Unattainable  See attainable.
 Unattentive  See attentive.
 Unauthentic  See authentic.
 Unavailable  See available.
 Unbailable  See bailable.
 Unbearable  See bearable.
 Unbeautiful  See beautiful.
 Unbeliefful  See beliefful.
 Unbelievable  See believable.
 Unbeneficial  See beneficial.
 Unbenevolent  See benevolent.
 Unblamable  See blamable.
 Unblemishable  See blemishable.
 Unblissful  See blissful.
 Unboastful  See boastful.
 Unbold  See bold.
 Unbookish  See bookish.
 Unbounteous  See bounteous.
 Unbribable  See bribable.
 Unbrotherly  See brotherly.
 Unburdensome  See burdensome.
 Unbusinesslike  See businesslike.
 Unbusy  See busy.
 Uncandid  See candid.
 Uncanonical  See canonical.
 Uncaptious  See captious.
 Uncareful  See careful.
 Uncelestial  See celestial.
 Unceremonious  See ceremonious.
 Unchallengeable  See challengeable.
 Unchangeable  See changeable.
 Unchary  See chary.
 Unchastisable  See chastisable.
 Uncheerful  See cheerful.
 Uncheery  See cheery.
 Unchildish  See childish.
 Unchivalrous  See chivalrous.
 Uncholeric  See choleric.
 Unchristianlike  See christianlike.
 Uncircumspect  See circumspect.
 Uncivic  See civic.
 Unclassible  See classible.
 Unclassic  See classic.
 Unclassical  See classical.
 Uncleanly  See cleanly.
 Unclear  See clear.
 Unclerical  See clerical.
 Unclerklike  See clerklike.
 Unclose  See close.
 Uncloudy  See cloudy.
 Unclubbable  See clubbable.
 Uncoagulable  See coagulable.
 Uncogitable  See cogitable.
 Uncollectible  See collectible.
 Uncomic  See comic.
 Uncommendable  See commendable.
 Uncommercial  See commercial.
 Uncommunicable  See communicable.
 Uncommunicative  See communicative.
 Uncompact  See compact.
 Uncompanionable  See companionable.
 Uncompassionate  See compassionate.
 Uncompellable  See compellable.
 Uncompetitive  See competitive.
 Uncomplaisant  See complaisant.
 Uncompliant See compliant.
 Uncomplimentary  See complimentary.
 Unconcealable  See concealable.
 Unconcurrent  See concurrent.
 Unconditionate  See conditionate.
 Unconfinable  See confinable.
 Unconfutable  See confutable.
 Uncongealable  See congealable.
 Uncongenial  See congenial.
 Unconjugal  See conjugal.
 Unconjunctive  See conjunctive.
 Unconquerable  See conquerable.
 Unconsecrate  See consecrate.
 Uncontainable  See containable.
 Uncontaminate  See contaminate.
 Uncontradictable  See contradictable.
 Uncontrite  See contrite.
 Unconvenable  See convenable.
 Unconventional  See conventional.
 Unconversable  See conversable.
 Unconversant  See conversant.
 Unconvertible  See convertible.
 Uncoquettish  See coquettish.
 Uncordial  See cordial.
 Uncorpulent  See corpulent.
 Uncorrespondent  See correspondent.
 Uncorruptible  See corruptible.
 Uncorruptive  See corruptive.
 Uncostly  See costly.
 Uncounselable  See counselable.
 Uncountable  See countable.
 Uncounterfeit  See counterfeit.
 Uncourteous  See courteous.
 Uncourtierlike  See courtierlike.
 Uncourtly  See courtly.
 Uncrafty  See crafty.
 Uncreatable  See creatable.
 Uncritical  See critical.
 Uncrystalline  See crystalline.
 Uncultivable  See cultivable.
 Uncurious  See curious.
 Uncustomary  See customary.
 Undangerous  See dangerous.
 Undaughterly  See daughterly.
 Undead  See dead.
 Undeceivable  See deceivable.
 Undecidable  See decidable.
 Undecipherable  See decipherable.
 Undeclinable  See declinable.
 Undecomposable  See decomposable.
 Undefinable  See definable.
 Undelectable  See delectable.
 Undeliberate  See deliberate.
 Undelightful  See delightful.
 Undeliverable  See deliverable.
 Undemocratic  See democratic.
 Undemonstrable  See demonstrable.
 Undemonstrative  See demonstrative.
 Undeniable  See deniable.
 Underogatory  See derogatory.
 Undescendible  See descendible.
 Undescribable  See describable.
 Undesirable  See desirable.
 Undesirous  See desirous.
 Undespondent  See despondent.
 Undevout  See devout.
 Undiaphanous  See diaphanous.
 Undiligent  See diligent.
 Undiminishable  See diminishable.
 Undiscernible  See discernible.
 Undisciplinable  See disciplinable.
 Undiscordant  See discordant.
 Undiscoverable  See discoverable.
 Undissolvable  See dissolvable.
 Undistinguishable  See distinguishable.
 Undividable  See dividable.
 Undivine  See divine.
 Undomestic  See domestic.
 Undoubtful  See doubtful.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      adj 1: not desirable; "undesirable impurities in steel";
             "legislation excluding undesirable aliens" [ant: desirable]
      2: not worthy of being chosen (especially as a spouse) [syn: unsuitable]
      n : one whose presence is undesirable; "rounding up vagrants and
          drunks and other undesirables"