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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Undrainable  See drainable.
 Undramatic  See dramatic.
 Undrinkable  See drinkable.
 Undurable  See durable.
 Unduteous  See duteous.
 Undutiful  See dutiful.
 Unearnest  See earnest.
 Uneatable  See eatable.
 Unecclesiastical  See ecclesiastical.
 Unedible  See edible.
 Unelaborate  See elaborate.
 Unelective  See elective.
 Unelusive  See elusive.
 Unemotional  See emotional.
 Unemphatic  See emphatic.  See employable.
 Unemployable  See employable.
 Unendurable  See endurable.
 Un-English  See -English.
 Unentire  See entire.
 Unenviable  See enviable.
 Unenvious  See envious.
 Unepiscopal  See episcopal.
 Unequable  See equable.
 Unerrable  See errable.
 Unescapable  See escapable.
 Unevangelical  See evangelical.
 Uneventful  See eventful.
 Unevident  See evident.
 Unexact  See exact.
 Unexaminable  See examinable.
 Unexceptionable  See exceptionable.
 Unexclusive  See exclusive.
 Unexemplary  See exemplary.
 Unexempt  See exempt.
 Unexhaustible  See exhaustible.
 Unexistent  See existent.
 Unexpectable  See expectable.
 Unexpectant  See expectant.
 Unexplainable  See explainable.
 Unexpress  See express.
 Unexpressible  See expressible.
 Unexpugnable  See expugnable.
 Unextinct  See extinct.
 Unfactious  See factious.
 Unfadable  See fadable.
 Unfain  See fain.
 Unfamiliar  See familiar.
 Unfamous  See famous.
 Unfashionable  See fashionable.
 Unfast  See fast.
 Unfatherly  See fatherly.
 Unfathomable  See fathomable.
 Unfaulty  See faulty.
 Unfearful  See fearful.
 Unfeasible  See feasible.
 Unfelicitous  See felicitous.
 Unfelt  See felt.
 Unfeminine  See feminine.
 Unfermentable  See fermentable.
 Unfestival  See festival.
 Unfine  See fine.
 Unfleshy  See fleshy.
 Unfluent  See fluent.
 Unforcible  See forcible.
 Unfordable  See fordable.
 Unforeknowable  See foreknowable.
 Unforeseeable  See foreseeable.
 Unforgetful  See forgetful.
 Unforgivable  See forgivable.
 Unformal  See formal.
 Unframable  See framable.
 Unfraternal  See fraternal.
 Unfriable  See friable.
 Unfrightful  See frightful.
 Unfrustrable  See frustrable.
 Unfull  See full.
 Ungainable  See gainable.
 Ungainful  See gainful.
 Ungallant  See gallant.
 Ungenial  See genial.
 Ungenteel  See genteel.
 Ungentle  See gentle.
 Ungentlemanlike  See gentlemanlike.
 Ungentlemanly  See gentlemanly.
 Ungeometrical  See geometrical.
 Unghostly  See ghostly.
 Unglad  See glad.
 Ungodlike  See godlike.
 Ungood  See good.
 Ungoodly  See goodly.
 Ungorgeous  See gorgeous.
 Ungrammatical  See grammatical.
 Ungrave  See grave.
 Unguidable  See guidable.
 Unguilty  See guilty.
 Unhabile  See habile.
 Unhabitable  See habitable.
 Unhale  See hale.
 Unhandy  See handy.
 Unhardy  See hardy.
 Unharmful  See harmful.
 Unhasty  See hasty.
 Unhazardous  See hazardous.
 Unhealable  See healable.
 Unhealthful  See healthful.
 Unhealthy  See healthy.
 Unheavenly  See heavenly.
 Unheedful  See heedful.
 Unhelpful  See helpful.
 Unheritable  See heritable.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      adj : not capable of being carried out or put into practice;
            "refloating the sunken ship proved impracticable
            because of its fragility"; "a suggested reform that was
            unfeasible in the prevailing circumstances" [syn: impracticable,
             infeasible, unworkable]