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From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典


From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Unhigh  See high.
 Unhonorable  See honorable.
 Unhopeful  See hopeful.
 Unhostile  See hostile.
 Unhurt  See hurt.
 Unhhurtful  See hhurtful.
 Unhygienic  See hygienic.
 Unideal  See ideal.
 Unidle  See idle.
 Unillusory  See illusory.
 Unimaginable  See imaginable.
 Unimaginative  See imaginative.
 Unimmortal  See immortal.
 Unimplicit  See implicit.
 Unimportant  See important.
 Unimpressible  See impressible.  See Unimpressible.
 Unimpressionable  See impressionable.
 Unimprovable  See improvable.
 Unimpugnable  See impugnable.
 Unincidental  See incidental.
 Unincreasable  See increasable.
 Unindifferent  See indifferent.
 Unindulgent  See indulgent.
 Unindustrious  See industrious.
 Uninflammable  See inflammable.
 Uninfluential  See influential.
 Uningenious  See ingenious.
 Uningenuous  See ingenuous.
 Uninhabitable  See inhabitable.
 Uninjurious  See injurious.
 Uninquisitive  See inquisitive.
 Uninstructive  See instructive.
 Unintelligent  See intelligent.
 Unintelligible  See intelligible.
 Unintentional  See intentional.
 Uninteresting  See interesting.
 Uninterpretable  See interpretable.
 Uninventive  See inventive.
 Uninvestigable  See investigable.
 Unjealous  See jealous.
 Unjoyful  See joyful.
 Unjoyous  See joyous.
 Unjustifiable  See justifiable.
 Unkingly  See kingly.
 Unknightly  See knightly.
 Unknotty  See knotty.
 Unknowable  See knowable.
 Unlaborious  See laborious.
 Unladylike  See ladylike.
 Unlevel  See level.
 Unlibidinous  See libidinous.
 Unlightsome  See lightsome.
 Unlimber  See limber.
 Unlineal  See lineal.
 Unlogical  See logical.
 Unlordly  See lordly.
 Unlosable  See losable.
 Unlovable  See lovable.
 Unlucent  See lucent.
 Unluminous  See luminous.
 Unlustrous  See lustrous.
 Unlusty  See lusty.
 Unmaidenly  See maidenly.
 Unmakable  See makable.
 Unmalleable  See malleable.
 Unmanageable  See manageable.
 Unmanful  See manful.
 Unmanlike  See manlike.
 Unmanly  See manly.
 Unmarketable  See marketable.
 Unmarriable  See marriable.
 Unmarriageable  See marriageable.
 Unmarvelous  See marvelous.
 Unmasculine  See masculine.
 Unmatchable  See matchable.
 Unmatronlike  See matronlike.
 Unmeek  See meek.
 Unmeet  See meet.
 Unmelodious  See melodious.
 Unmendable  See mendable.
 Unmentionable  See mentionable.
 Unmercenary  See mercenary.
 Unmerciable  See merciable.
 Unmeritable  See meritable.
 Unmerry  See merry.
 Unmetaphorical  See metaphorical.
 Unmighty  See mighty.
 Unmild  See mild.
 Unmilitary  See military.
 Unmindful  See mindful.
 Unmingleable  See mingleable.
 Unmiraculous  See miraculous.
 Unmiry  See miry.
 Unmitigable  See mitigable.
 Unmodifiable  See modifiable.
 Unmodish  See modish.
 Unmoist  See moist.
 Unmonkish  See monkish.
 Unmotherly  See motherly.
 Unmuscular  See muscular.
 Unmusical  See musical.
 Unmysterious  See mysterious.
 Unnamable  See namable.
 Unnative  See native.
 Unnavigable  See navigable.
 Unneedful  See needful.
 Unnegotiable  See negotiable.
 Unniggard  See niggard.
 Unnoble  See noble.
 Unobjectionable  See objectionable.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      adj 1: lacking interest in or talent for music; "too unmusical to
             care for concerts"; "it is unfortunate that her
             children were all nonmusical" [syn: nonmusical]
             [ant: musical]
      2: not musical in nature; "the unmusical cry of the bluejay"
         [syn: nonmusical, dissonant] [ant: musical]
      3: lacking melody [syn: unmelodious, unmelodic] [ant: melodious]