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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 a·gue n.
 1. An acute fever. [Obs.] “Brenning agues.”
 2. Med. A fever characterized by paroxysms of high fever and shaking chills.
 3. The cold fit or rigor of malaria or any other intermittent fever; as, fever and ague.
 4. A chill, or state of shaking, as with cold.
 Ague cake, an enlargement of the spleen produced by ague.
 Ague drop, a solution of the arsenite of potassa used for ague.
 Ague fit, a fit of the ague. --Shak.
 Ague spell, a spell or charm against ague. --Gay.
 Ague tree, the sassafras, -- sometimes so called from the use of its root formerly, in cases of ague. [Obs.]