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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Fan·cy, a.
 1. Adapted to please the fancy or taste, especially when of high quality or unusually appealing; ornamental; as, fancy goods; fancy clothes.
 2. Extravagant; above real value.
    This anxiety never degenerated into a monomania, like that which led his [Frederick the Great's] father to pay fancy prices for giants.   --Macaulay.
 Fancy ball, a ball in which porsons appear in fanciful dresses in imitation of the costumes of different persons and nations.
 Fancy fair, a fair at which articles of fancy and ornament are sold, generally for some charitable purpose.
 Fancy goods, fabrics of various colors, patterns, etc., as ribbons, silks, laces, etc., in distinction from those of a simple or plain color or make.
 Fancy line Naut., a line rove through a block at the jaws of a gaff; -- used to haul it down.
 Fancy roller Carding Machine, a clothed cylinder (usually having straight teeth) in front of the doffer.
 Fancy stocks, a species of stocks which afford great opportunity for stock gambling, since they have no intrinsic value, and the fluctuations in their prices are artificial.
 Fancy store, one where articles of fancy and ornament are sold.
 Fancy woods, the more rare and expensive furniture woods, as mahogany, satinwood, rosewood, etc.