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3 definitions found

From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典

 ig·no·ra·mus /ˌɪgnəˈreməs ||ˈræ-/

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Ig·no·ra·mus n.
 1. Law We are ignorant; we ignore; -- being the word formerly written on a bill of indictment by a grand jury when there was not sufficient evidence to warrant them in finding it a true bill. The phrase now used is, “No bill,” “No true bill,” or “Not found,” though in some jurisdictions “Ignored” is still used.
 2. (pl. Ignoramuses ) A stupid, ignorant person; a vain pretender to knowledge; a dunce.
    An ignoramus in place and power.   --South.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      n : an ignorant person [syn: know nothing, uneducated person]