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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Sick a. [Compar. Sicker superl. Sickest.]
 1. Affected with disease of any kind; ill; indisposed; not in health. See the Synonym under Illness.
    Simon's wife's mother lay sick of a fever.   --Mark i. 30.
    Behold them that are sick with famine.   --Jer. xiv. 18.
 2. Affected with, or attended by, nausea; inclined to vomit; as, sick at the stomach; a sick headache.
 3. Having a strong dislike; disgusted; surfeited; -- with of; as, to be sick of flattery.
    He was not so sick of his master as of his work.   --L'Estrange.
 4. Corrupted; imperfect; impaired; weakned.
    So great is his antipathy against episcopacy, that, if a seraphim himself should be a bishop, he would either find or make some sick feathers in his wings.   --Fuller.
 Sick bay Naut., an apartment in a vessel, used as the ship's hospital.
 Sick bed, the bed upon which a person lies sick.
 Sick berth, an apartment for the sick in a ship of war.
 Sick headache Med., a variety of headache attended with disorder of the stomach and nausea.
 Sick list, a list containing the names of the sick.
 Sick room, a room in which a person lies sick, or to which he is confined by sickness.
 Note: [These terms, sick bed, sick berth, etc., are also written both hyphened and solid.]
 Syn: -- Diseased; ill; disordered; distempered; indisposed; weak; ailing; feeble; morbid.