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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Tim·ber, n.
 1. That sort of wood which is proper for buildings or for tools, utensils, furniture, carriages, fences, ships, and the like; -- usually said of felled trees, but sometimes of those standing.  Cf. Lumber, 3.
 And ta'en my fiddle to the gate, . . .
 And fiddled in the timber!   --Tennyson.
 2. The body, stem, or trunk of a tree.
 3. Fig.: Material for any structure.
    Such dispositions are the very errors of human nature; and yet they are the fittest timber to make politics of.   --Bacon.
 4. A single piece or squared stick of wood intended for building, or already framed; collectively, the larger pieces or sticks of wood, forming the framework of a house, ship, or other structure, in distinction from the covering or boarding.
    So they prepared timber . . . to build the house.   --1 Kings v. 18.
    Many of the timbers were decayed.   --W. Coxe.
 5. Woods or forest; wooden land. [Western U. S.]
 6. Shipbuilding A rib, or a curving piece of wood, branching outward from the keel and bending upward in a vertical direction. One timber is composed of several pieces united.
 Timber and room. Shipbuilding Same as Room and space. See under Room.
 Timber beetle Zool., any one of numerous species of beetles the larvae of which bore in timber; as, the silky timber beetle (Lymexylon sericeum).
 Timber doodle Zool., the American woodcock. [Local, U. S.]
 Timber grouse Zool., any species of grouse that inhabits woods, as the ruffed grouse and spruce partridge; -- distinguished from prairie grouse.
 Timber hitch Naut., a kind of hitch used for temporarily marking fast a rope to a spar. See Illust. under Hitch.
 Timber mare, a kind of instrument upon which soldiers were formerly compelled to ride for punishment. --Johnson.
 Timber scribe, a metal tool or pointed instrument for marking timber. --Simmonds.
 Timber sow. Zool. Same as Timber worm, below. --Bacon.
 Timber tree, a tree suitable for timber.
 Timber worm Zool., any larval insect which burrows in timber.
 Timber yard, a yard or place where timber is deposited.