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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Fair·y n.; pl. Fairies   [Written also faëry.]
 1. Enchantment; illusion. [Obs.]
 The God of her has made an end,
 And fro this worlde's fairy
 Hath taken her into company.   --Gower.
 2. The country of the fays; land of illusions. [Obs.]
    He [Arthur] is a king y-crowned in Fairy.   --Lydgate.
 3. An imaginary supernatural being or spirit, supposed to assume a human form (usually diminutive), either male or female, and to meddle for good or evil in the affairs of mankind; a fay. See Elf, and Demon.
    The fourth kind of spirit [is] called the Fairy.   --K. James.
 And now about the caldron sing,
 Like elves and fairies in a ring.   --Shak.
 5. An enchantress. [Obs.]
 Fairy of the mine, an imaginary being supposed to inhabit mines, etc. German folklore tells of two species; one fierce and malevolent, the other gentle, See Kobold.
 No goblin or swart fairy of the mine
 Hath hurtful power over true virginity.   --Milton.