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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Far, a. [Farther and Farthest are used as the compar. and superl. of far, although they are corruptions arising from confusion with further and furthest. See Further.]
 1. Distant in any direction; not near; remote; mutually separated by a wide space or extent.
    They said, . . . We be come from a far country.   --Josh. ix. 6.
    The nations far and near contend in choice.   --Dryden.
 2. Remote from purpose; contrary to design or wishes; as, far be it from me to justify cruelty.
 3. Remote in affection or obedience; at a distance, morally or spiritually; t enmity with; alienated.
    They that are far from thee ahsll perish.   --Ps. lxxiii. 27.
 4. Widely different in nature or quality; opposite in character.
    He was far from ill looking, though he thought himself still farther.   --F. Anstey.
 5. The more distant of two; as, the far side (called also off side) of a horse, that is, the right side, or the one opposite to the rider when he mounts.
 Note:The distinction between the adjectival and adverbial use of far is sometimes not easily discriminated.
 By far, by much; by a great difference.
 Far between, with a long distance (of space or time) between; at long intervals. “The examinations are few and far between.” --Farrar.