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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 du·plic·i·ty n.; pl. duplicities
 1. Doubleness; a twofold state. [Archaic]
    Do not affect duplicities nor triplicities, nor any certain number of parts in your division of things.   --I. Watts.
 2. Doubleness of heart or speech; insincerity; a sustained form of deception which consists in entertaining or pretending to entertain one set of feelings, and acting as if influenced by another; bad faith.
    Far from the duplicity wickedly charged on him, he acted his part with alacrity and resolution.   --Burke.
 3. Law (a) The use of two or more distinct allegations or answers, where one is sufficient. --Blackstone. (b) In indictments, the union of two incompatible offenses.
 Syn: -- Double dealing; dissimulation; deceit; guile; deception; falsehood.