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3 definitions found

From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典

 man·i·fes·to /ˌmænəˈfɛs(ˌ)to/

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Man·i·fes·to n.; pl. Manifestoes   A public declaration, usually of a prince, sovereign, or other person claiming large powers, showing his intentions, or proclaiming his opinions and motives in reference to some act done or contemplated by him; as, a manifesto declaring the purpose of a prince to begin war, and explaining his motives.
    it was proposed to draw up a manifesto, setting forth the grounds and motives of our taking arms.   --Addison.
    Frederick, in a public manifesto, appealed to the Empire against the insolent pretensions of the pope.   --Milman.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      n : a public declaration of intentions (as issued by a political
          party or government) [syn: pronunciamento]
      [also: manifestoes (pl)]