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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 March, n.
 1. The act of marching; a movement of soldiers from one stopping place to another; military progress; advance of troops.
    These troops came to the army harassed with a long and wearisome march.   --Bacon.
 2. Hence: Measured and regular advance or movement, like that of soldiers moving in order; stately or deliberate walk; steady onward movement; as, the march of time.
 With solemn march
 Goes slow and stately by them.   --Shak.
    This happens merely because men will not bide their time, but will insist on precipitating the march of affairs.   --Buckle.
 3. The distance passed over in marching; as, an hour's march; a march of twenty miles.
 4. A piece of music designed or fitted to accompany and guide the movement of troops; a piece of music in the march form.
    The drums presently striking up a march.   --Knolles.
 To make a march, Card Playing, to take all the tricks of a hand, in the game of euchre.