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From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典


From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Unobnoxious  See obnoxious.
 Unobservable  See observable.
 Unobservant  See observant.
 Unobstructive  See obstructive.
 Unobvious  See obvious.
 Unofficial  See official.
 Unofficious  See officious.
 Unoppressive  See oppressive.
 Unordinary  See ordinary.
 Unordinate  See ordinate.
 Unoriginal  See original.
 Unornamental  See ornamental.
 Unorthodox  See orthodox.
 Unostentatious  See ostentatious.
 Unpacifiable  See pacifiable.
 Unpacific  See pacific.
 Unpainful  See painful.
 Unpalatable  See palatable.
 Unparallelable  See parallelable.
 Unpardonable  See pardonable.
 Unpartable  See partable.
 Unparticipant  See participant.
 Unpassionate  See passionate.
 Unpastoral  See pastoral.
 Unpathetic  See pathetic.
 Unpatriotic  See patriotic.
 Unpeaceable  See peaceable.
 Unpeaceful  See peaceful.
 Unpedantic  See pedantic.
 Unperceivable  See perceivable.
 Unperceptible  See perceptible.
 Unperilous  See perilous.
 Unpermanent  See permanent.
 Unpersonable  See personable.
 Unperspirable  See perspirable.
 Unpersuadable  See persuadable.
 Unpersuasive  See persuasive.
 Unphilanthropic  See philanthropic.
 Unphilosophic  See philosophic.
 Unphilosophical  See philosophical.
 Unphysical  See physical.
 Unpicturesque  See picturesque.
 Unpierceable  See pierceable.
 Unpitiful  See pitiful.
 Unplain  See plain.
 Unplausible  See plausible.
 Unplausive  See plausive.
 Unpleadable  See pleadable.
 Unpleasurable  See pleasurable.
 Unpliable  See pliable.
 Unpliant  See pliant.
 Unplumb  See plumb.
 Unpoetic  See poetic.
 Unpoetical  See poetical.
 Unpolitical  See political.
 Unpopular  See popular.
 Unpopulous  See populous.
 Unportable  See portable.
 Unpotable  See potable.
 Unprecarious  See precarious.
 Unprecise  See precise.
 Unpregnant  See pregnant.
 Unprejudicate  See prejudicate.
 Unprelatical  See prelatical.
 Unpremeditable  See premeditable.
 Unpresentable  See presentable.
 Unpreservable  See preservable.
 Unpresumptuous  See presumptuous.
 Unpretentious  See pretentious.
 Unpretty  See pretty.
 Unprevalent  See prevalent.
 Unpriestly  See priestly.
 Unprimitive  See primitive.
 Unprincely  See princely.
 Unprocurable  See procurable.
 Unproducible  See producible.
 Unproductive  See productive.
 Unprofessional  See professional.
 Unprofitable  See profitable.
 Unprolific  See prolific.
 Unpronounceable  See pronounceable.
 Unprophetic  See prophetic.
 Unpropitious  See propitious.
 Unproportionable  See proportionable.
 Unproportionate  See proportionate.
 Unprosperous  See prosperous.
 Unprovable  See provable.
 Unpunctilious  See punctilious.
 Unpunctual  See punctual.
 Unpunishable  See punishable.
 Unpure  See pure.
 Unqualifiable  See qualifiable.
 Unquenchable  See quenchable.
 Unquiet  See quiet.
 Unrational  See rational.
 Unreadable  See readable.
 Unreasonable  See reasonable.
 Unrecallable  See recallable.
 Unreclaimable  See reclaimable.
 Unrecognizable  See recognizable.
 Unreconcilable  See reconcilable.
 Unrecoverable  See recoverable.
 Unrecumbent  See recumbent.
 Unreformable  See reformable.
 Unrefusable  See refusable.
 Unregardable  See regardable.
 Unregardant  See regardant.
 Unrelative  See relative.
 Unrelievable  See relievable.
 Unreluctant  See reluctant.
 Unremarkable  See remarkable.
 Unremediable  See remediable.
 Unrememberable  See rememberable.
 Unremorseful  See remorseful.
 Unremovable  See removable.
 Unremunerative  See remunerative.
 Unrepairable  See repairable.
 Unrepealable  See repealable.
 Unrepentant  See repentant.
 Unreprovable  See reprovable.
 Unrepugnant  See repugnant.
 Unrequisite  See requisite.
 Unrequitable  See requitable.
 Unresolvable  See resolvable.
 Unrespectable  See respectable.
 Unrestful  See restful.
 Unretentive  See retentive.
 Unreturnable  See returnable.
 Unrevengeful  See revengeful.
 Unridable  See ridable.
 Unridiculous  See ridiculous.
 Unrightful  See rightful.
 Unromantic  See romantic.
 Unrough  See rough.
 Unroyal  See royal.
 Unruinable  See ruinable.
 Unruly  See ruly.
 Unsacrificial  See sacrificial.
 Unsafe  See safe.
 Unsage  See sage.
 Unsailable  See sailable.
 Unsalable  See salable.
 Unsane  See sane.
 Unsanguine  See sanguine.
 Unsanitary  See sanitary.
 Unsatisfactory  See satisfactory.
 Unsatisfiable  See satisfiable.
 Unsaturable  See saturable.
 Unsavory  See savory.
 Unscalable  See scalable.
 Unscaly  See scaly.
 Unscholarly  See scholarly.
 Unscholastic  See scholastic.
 Unscientific  See scientific.
 Unscornful  See scornful.
 Unscriptural  See scriptural.
 Unsculptural  See sculptural.
 Unseaworthy  See seaworthy.
 Unsectarian  See sectarian.
 Unsecular  See secular.
 Unsedentary  See sedentary.
 Unselfish  See selfish.
 Unsentient  See sentient.
 Unsentimental  See sentimental.
 Unserviceable  See serviceable.
 Unsevere  See severe.
 Unshamefaced  See shamefaced.
 Unshamefast  See shamefast.
 Unshapely  See shapely.
 Unshy  See shy.
 Unsick  See sick.
 Unsicker  See sicker.
 Unsightly  See sightly.
 Unsimple  See simple.
 Unsinewy  See sinewy.
 Unsizable  See sizable.
 Unsleek  See sleek.
 Unslumberous  See slumberous.
 Unsly  See sly.
 Unsmooth  See smooth.
 Unsmotherable  See smotherable.
 Unsmutty  See smutty.
 Unsober  See sober.
 Unsociable  See sociable.
 Unsocial  See social.
 Unsolemn  See solemn.
 Unsoliciutous  See soliciutous.
 Unsolvable  See solvable.
 Unspeakable  See speakable.
 Unspeedy  See speedy.
 Unspiritual  See spiritual.
 Unspontaneous  See spontaneous.
 Unsportful  See sportful.
 Unsportsmanlike  See sportsmanlike.
 Unstatutable  See statutable.
 Unsteadfast  See steadfast.
 Unsteady  See steady.
 Unstormy  See stormy.
 Unstout  See stout.
 Unstrong  See strong.
 Unsubduable  See subduable.
 Unsubject  See subject.
 Unsubmissive  See submissive.
 Unsubordinate  See subordinate.
 Unsubstantial  See substantial.
 Unsuccessive  See successive.
 Unsuccorable  See succorable.
 Unsuggestive  See suggestive.
 Unsuitable  See suitable.
 Unsunny  See sunny.
 Unsuperfluous  See superfluous.
 Unsupple  See supple.
 Unsure  See sure.
 Unsurpassable  See surpassable.
 Unsusceptible  See susceptible.
 Unsuspect  See suspect.
 Unsuspectable  See suspectable.
 Unsuspicious  See suspicious.
 Unsustainable  See sustainable.
 Unsweet  See sweet.
 Unsyllogistical  See syllogistical.
 Unsymbolic  See symbolic.
 Unsympathetic  See sympathetic.
 Unsystematic  See systematic.
 Untamable  See tamable.
 Untame  See tame.
 Unteachable  See teachable.
 Untechnical  See technical.
 Untellable  See tellable.
 Untenable  See tenable.
 Untender  See tender.
 Unterrestrial  See terrestrial.
 Unterrific  See terrific.
 Unthankful  See thankful.
 Untheological  See theological.
 Unthinkable  See thinkable.
 Unthirsty  See thirsty.
 Unthorny  See thorny.
 Unthoughtful  See thoughtful.
 Untidy  See tidy.
 Untillable  See tillable.
 Untoothsome  See toothsome.
 Untouchable  See touchable.
 Untraceable  See traceable.
 Untractable  See tractable.
 Untragic  See tragic.
 Untranquil  See tranquil.
 Untransferable  See transferable.
 Untranslatable  See translatable.
 Untransmutable  See transmutable.
 Untransparent  See transparent.
 Untranspassable  See transpassable.
 Untraversable  See traversable.
 Untremulous  See tremulous.
 Untrimphant  See trimphant.
 Untrustworthy  See trustworthy.
 Untrusty  See trusty.
 Untumultous  See tumultous.
 Untunable  See tunable.
 Ununiform  See uniform.
 Unusable  See usable.
 Unuseful  See useful.
 Unvanquishable  See vanquishable.
 Unvariant  See variant.
 Unvenerable  See venerable.
 Unvenomous  See venomous.
 Unveracious  See veracious.
 Unverdant  See verdant.
 Unveritable  See veritable.
 Unvigilant  See vigilant.
 Unvigorous  See vigorous.
 Unvirtuous  See virtuous.
 Unvital  See vital.
 Unvitrifiable  See vitrifiable.
 Unvocal  See vocal.
 Unvoidable  See voidable.
 Unvoluptuous  See voluptuous.
 Unvoyageable  See voyageable.
 Unvulgar  See vulgar.
 Unwalkable  See walkable.
 Unwarlike  See warlike.
 Unwatchful  See watchful.
 Unwatery  See watery.
 Unwealthy  See wealthy.
 Unwearable  See wearable.
 Unweary  See weary.
 Unwelcome  See welcome.
 Unwet  See wet.
 Unwholesome  See wholesome.
 Unwieldsome  See wieldsome.
 Unwillful  See willful.
 Unwily  See wily.
 Unwitty  See witty.
 Unwomanly  See womanly.
 Unworkable  See workable.
 Unworkmanlike  See workmanlike.
 Unworldly  See worldly.
 Unworshipful  See worshipful.
 Unwrathful  See wrathful.
 Unwritable  See writable.
 Unzealous  See zealous.
  ------ and the like.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      adj 1: not welcome; not giving pleasure or received with pleasure;
             "unwelcome publicity"; "unwelcome interruptions";
             "unwelcome visitors" [ant: welcome]
      2: not welcome; "unwelcome publicity" [syn: unwished, unwished-for]