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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Deal n.
 1. A part or portion; a share; hence, an indefinite quantity, degree, or extent, degree, or extent; as, a deal of time and trouble; a deal of cold.
    Three tenth deals [parts of an ephah] of flour.   --Num. xv. 9.
    As an object of science it [the Celtic genius] may count for a good deal . . . as a spiritual power.   --M. Arnold.
    She was resolved to be a good deal more circumspect.   --W. Black.
 Note:It was formerly limited by some, every, never a, a thousand, etc.; as, some deal; but these are now obsolete or vulgar. In general, we now qualify the word with great or good, and often use it adverbially, by being understood; as, a great deal of time and pains; a great (or good) deal better or worse; that is, better by a great deal, or by a great part or difference.
 2. The process of dealing cards to the players; also, the portion disturbed.
    The deal, the shuffle, and the cut.   --Swift.
 3. Distribution; apportionment. [Colloq.]
 4. An arrangement to attain a desired result by a combination of interested parties; -- applied to stock speculations and political bargains. [Slang]
 5.  The division of a piece of timber made by sawing; a board or plank; particularly, a board or plank of fir or pine above seven inches in width, and exceeding six feet in length. If narrower than this, it is called a batten; if shorter, a deal end.
 Note:Whole deal is a general term for planking one and one half inches thick.
 6. Wood of the pine or fir; as, a floor of deal.
 Deal tree, a fir tree.