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From: Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary

    the sacred city of the Hittites, on the left bank of the
    Orontes, about 4 miles south of the Lake of Homs. It is
    identified with the great mound Tell Neby Mendeh, some 50 to 100
    feet high, and 400 yards long. On the ruins of the temple of
    Karnak, in Egypt, has been found an inscription recording the
    capture of this city by Rameses II. (See PHARAOH.)
    Here the sculptor "has chiselled in deep work on the stone, with
    a bold execution of the several parts, the procession of the
    warriors, the battle before Kadesh, the storming of the
    fortress, the overthrow of the enemy, and the camp life of the
    Egyptians." (See HITTITES.)

From: Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary

    holy, or Kadesh-Barnea, sacred desert of wandering, a place on
    the south-eastern border of Palestine, about 165 miles from
    Horeb. It lay in the "wilderness" or "desert of Zin" (Gen. 14:7;
    Num. 13:3-26; 14:29-33; 20:1; 27:14), on the border of Edom
    (20:16). From this place, in compliance with the desire of the
    people, Moses sent forth "twelve spies" to spy the land. After
    examining it in all its districts, the spies brought back an
    evil report, Joshua and Caleb alone giving a good report of the
    land (13:18-31). Influenced by the discouraging report, the
    people abandoned all hope of entering into the Promised Land.
    They remained a considerable time at Kadesh. (See HORMAH
    T0001820; KORAH.) Because of their unbelief, they
    were condemned by God to wander for thirty-eight years in the
    wilderness. They took their journey from Kadesh into the deserts
    of Paran, "by way of the Red Sea" (Deut. 2:1). (One theory is
    that during these thirty-eight years they remained in and about
      At the end of these years of wanderings, the tribes were a
    second time gathered together at Kadesh. During their stay here
    at this time Miriam died and was buried. Here the people
    murmured for want of water, as their forefathers had done
    formerly at Rephidim; and Moses, irritated by their chidings,
    "with his rod smote the rock twice," instead of "speaking to the
    rock before their eyes," as the Lord had commanded him (comp.
    Num. 27:14; Deut. 9:23; Ps. 106:32, 33). Because of this act of
    his, in which Aaron too was involved, neither of them was to be
    permitted to set foot within the Promised Land (Num. 20:12, 24).
    The king of Edom would not permit them to pass on through his
    territory, and therefore they commenced an eastward march, and
    "came unto Mount Hor" (20:22).
      This place has been identified with 'Ain el-Kadeis, about 12
    miles east-south-east of Beersheba. (See SPIES.)

From: Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary (late 1800's)

 Kadesh, holiness