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From: Taiwan MOE computer dictionary

 load line

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Load n.
 1. A burden; that which is laid on or put in anything for conveyance; that which is borne or sustained; a weight; as, a heavy load.
 He might such a load
 To town with his ass carry.   --Gower.
 2. The quantity which can be carried or drawn in some specified way; the contents of a cart, barrow, or vessel; that which will constitute a cargo; lading.
 3. That which burdens, oppresses, or grieves the mind or spirits; as, a load of care. A . . . load of guilt.” --Ray. Our life's a load.”
 4. A particular measure for certain articles, being as much as may be carried at one time by the conveyance commonly used for the article measured; as, a load of wood; a load of hay; specifically, five quarters.
 5. The charge of a firearm; as, a load of powder.
 6. Weight or violence of blows. [Obs.]
 7. Mach. The work done by a steam engine or other prime mover when working.
 Load line, or Load water line Naut., the line on the outside of a vessel indicating the depth to which it sinks in the water when loaded.
 Syn: -- Burden; lading; weight; cargo. See Burden.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

 load line
      n : waterlines to show the level the water should reach when the
          ship is properly loaded [syn: Plimsoll line, Plimsoll
          mark, Plimsoll]