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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Swing n.
 1. The act of swinging; a waving, oscillating, or vibratory motion of a hanging or pivoted object; oscillation; as, the swing of a pendulum.
 2. Swaying motion from one side or direction to the other; as, some men walk with a swing.
 3. A line, cord, or other thing suspended and hanging loose, upon which anything may swing; especially, an apparatus for recreation by swinging, commonly consisting of a rope, the two ends of which are attached overhead, as to the bough of a tree, a seat being placed in the loop at the bottom; also, any contrivance by which a similar motion is produced for amusement or exercise.
 4. Influence of power of a body put in swaying motion.
 The ram that batters down the wall,
 For the great swing and rudeness of his poise,
 They place before his hand that made the engine.   --Shak.
 5. Capacity of a turning lathe, as determined by the diameter of the largest object that can be turned in it.
 6. Free course; unrestrained liberty or license; tendency. “Take thy swing.”
    To prevent anything which may prove an obstacle to the full swing of his genius.   --Burke.
 Full swing. See under Full.
 Swing beam Railway Mach., a crosspiece sustaining the car body, and so suspended from the framing of a truck that it may have an independent lateral motion.
 Swing bridge, a form of drawbridge which swings horizontally, as on a vertical pivot.
 Swing plow, or Swing plough. (a) A plow without a fore wheel under the beam. (b) A reversible or sidehill plow.
 Swing wheel. (a) The scape-wheel in a clock, which drives the pendulum. (b) The balance of a watch.