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From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典


From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Unhigh  See high.
 Unhonorable  See honorable.
 Unhopeful  See hopeful.
 Unhostile  See hostile.
 Unhurt  See hurt.
 Unhhurtful  See hhurtful.
 Unhygienic  See hygienic.
 Unideal  See ideal.
 Unidle  See idle.
 Unillusory  See illusory.
 Unimaginable  See imaginable.
 Unimaginative  See imaginative.
 Unimmortal  See immortal.
 Unimplicit  See implicit.
 Unimportant  See important.
 Unimpressible  See impressible.  See Unimpressible.
 Unimpressionable  See impressionable.
 Unimprovable  See improvable.
 Unimpugnable  See impugnable.
 Unincidental  See incidental.
 Unincreasable  See increasable.
 Unindifferent  See indifferent.
 Unindulgent  See indulgent.
 Unindustrious  See industrious.
 Uninflammable  See inflammable.
 Uninfluential  See influential.
 Uningenious  See ingenious.
 Uningenuous  See ingenuous.
 Uninhabitable  See inhabitable.
 Uninjurious  See injurious.
 Uninquisitive  See inquisitive.
 Uninstructive  See instructive.
 Unintelligent  See intelligent.
 Unintelligible  See intelligible.
 Unintentional  See intentional.
 Uninteresting  See interesting.
 Uninterpretable  See interpretable.
 Uninventive  See inventive.
 Uninvestigable  See investigable.
 Unjealous  See jealous.
 Unjoyful  See joyful.
 Unjoyous  See joyous.
 Unjustifiable  See justifiable.
 Unkingly  See kingly.
 Unknightly  See knightly.
 Unknotty  See knotty.
 Unknowable  See knowable.
 Unlaborious  See laborious.
 Unladylike  See ladylike.
 Unlevel  See level.
 Unlibidinous  See libidinous.
 Unlightsome  See lightsome.
 Unlimber  See limber.
 Unlineal  See lineal.
 Unlogical  See logical.
 Unlordly  See lordly.
 Unlosable  See losable.
 Unlovable  See lovable.
 Unlucent  See lucent.
 Unluminous  See luminous.
 Unlustrous  See lustrous.
 Unlusty  See lusty.
 Unmaidenly  See maidenly.
 Unmakable  See makable.
 Unmalleable  See malleable.
 Unmanageable  See manageable.
 Unmanful  See manful.
 Unmanlike  See manlike.
 Unmanly  See manly.
 Unmarketable  See marketable.
 Unmarriable  See marriable.
 Unmarriageable  See marriageable.
 Unmarvelous  See marvelous.
 Unmasculine  See masculine.
 Unmatchable  See matchable.
 Unmatronlike  See matronlike.
 Unmeek  See meek.
 Unmeet  See meet.
 Unmelodious  See melodious.
 Unmendable  See mendable.
 Unmentionable  See mentionable.
 Unmercenary  See mercenary.
 Unmerciable  See merciable.
 Unmeritable  See meritable.
 Unmerry  See merry.
 Unmetaphorical  See metaphorical.
 Unmighty  See mighty.
 Unmild  See mild.
 Unmilitary  See military.
 Unmindful  See mindful.
 Unmingleable  See mingleable.
 Unmiraculous  See miraculous.
 Unmiry  See miry.
 Unmitigable  See mitigable.
 Unmodifiable  See modifiable.
 Unmodish  See modish.
 Unmoist  See moist.
 Unmonkish  See monkish.
 Unmotherly  See motherly.
 Unmuscular  See muscular.
 Unmusical  See musical.
 Unmysterious  See mysterious.
 Unnamable  See namable.
 Unnative  See native.
 Unnavigable  See navigable.
 Unneedful  See needful.
 Unnegotiable  See negotiable.
 Unniggard  See niggard.
 Unnoble  See noble.
 Unobjectionable  See objectionable.

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Unaccommodating  See accommodating.
 Unaching  See aching.
 Unailing  See ailing.
 Unaiming  See aiming.
 Unalarming  See alarming.
 Unaltering  See altering.
 Unappreciating  See appreciating.
 Unapproving  See approving.
 Unaspiring  See aspiring.
 Unassisting  See assisting.
 Unattempting  See attempting.
 Unattending  See attending.
 Unbearing  See bearing.
 Unbefitting  See befitting.
 Unbeginning  See beginning.
 Unbelieving  See believing.
 Unbleaching  See bleaching.
 Unbleeding  See bleeding.
 Unblemishing  See blemishing.
 Unblenching  See blenching.
 Unblossoming  See blossoming.
 Unblushing  See blushing.
 Unboding  See boding.
 Unbranching  See branching.
 Unbreathing  See breathing.
 Unburning  See burning.
 Uncalculating  See calculating.
 Unceasing  See ceasing.
 Unchanging  See changing.
 Uncharming  See charming.
 Uncommunicating  See communicating.
 Uncomplaining  See complaining.
 Uncomplying  See complying.
 Unconceiving  See conceiving.
 Unconducing  See conducing.
 Unconfessing  See confessing.
 Unconniving  See conniving.
 Unconsenting  See consenting.
 Unconsidering  See considering.
 Unconspiring  See conspiring.
 Unconsulting  See consulting.
 Unconsuming  See consuming.
 Uncontending  See contending.
 Uncontriving  See contriving.
 Unconversing  See conversing.
 Unconvincing  See convincing.
 Undawning  See dawning.
 Undecaying  See decaying.
 Undelaying  See delaying.
 Undepending  See depending.
 Underogating  See derogating.
 Undeserving  See deserving.
 Undesiring  See desiring.
 Undespairing  See despairing.
 Undetesting  See detesting.
 Undeviating  See deviating.
 Undifferencing  See differencing.
 Undiscerning  See discerning.
 Undiscording  See discording.
 Undiscriminating  See discriminating.
 Undisobliging  See disobliging.
 Undispensing  See dispensing.
 Undissembling  See dissembling.
 Undissolving  See dissolving.
 Undistinguishing  See distinguishing.
 Undistracting  See distracting.
 Undisturbing  See disturbing.
 Undoubting  See doubting.
 Undreading  See dreading.
 Undrooping  See drooping.
 Unebbing  See ebbing.
 Unechoing  See echoing.
 Unedifying  See edifying.
 Unending  See ending.
 Unenduring  See enduring.
 Unengaging  See engaging.
 Unenjoying  See enjoying.
 Unentering  See entering.
 Unenterprising  See enterprising.
 Unentertaining  See entertaining.
 Unenvying  See envying.
 Unexisting  See existing.
 Unfadging  See fadging.
 Unfading  See fading.
 Unfainting  See fainting.
 Unfaltering  See faltering.
 Unfearing  See fearing.
 Unfeigning  See feigning.
 Unfighting  See fighting.
 Unfitting  See fitting.
 Unflagging  See flagging.
 Unflattering  See flattering.
 Unflinching  See flinching.
 Unfolding  See folding.
 Unforbearing  See forbearing.
 Unforeboding  See foreboding.
 Unforeseeing  See foreseeing.
 Unforgiving  See forgiving.
 Ungiving  See giving.
 Ungrudging  See grudging.
 Unharming  See harming.
 Unheeding  See heeding.
 Unhesitating  See hesitating.
 Unhoping  See hoping.
 Unhurting  See hurting.
 Unimporting  See importing.
 Unimposing  See imposing.
 Unimproving  See improving.
 Uninteresting  See interesting.
 Unintermitting  See intermitting.
 Unintoxicating  See intoxicating.
 Uninviting  See inviting.
 Unjarring  See jarring.
 Unlaboring  See laboring.
 Unlingering  See lingering.
 Unlistening  See listening.
 Unloving  See loving.
 Unmeddling  See meddling.
 Unmeriting  See meriting.
 Unmistrusting  See mistrusting.
 Unmoving  See moving.
 Unmurmuring  See murmuring.
 Unobliging  See obliging.
 Unobserving  See observing.
 Unoffending  See offending.
 Unopening  See opening.
 Unpardoning  See pardoning.
 Unpaying  See paying.
 Unperceiving  See perceiving.
 Unperforming  See performing.
 Unperishing  See perishing.
 Unpitying  See pitying.
 Unpleasing  See pleasing.
 Unpossessing  See possessing.
 Unpreaching  See preaching.
 Unprepossessing  See prepossessing.
 Unpresuming  See presuming.
 Unpretending  See pretending.
 Unprevailing  See prevailing.
 Unprevaricating  See prevaricating.
 Unprofiting  See profiting.
 Unpromising  See promising.
 Unproving  See proving.
 Unquailing  See quailing.
 Unquestioning  See questioning.
 Unreasoning  See reasoning.
 Unrecalling  See recalling.
 Unreclining  See reclining.
 Unrecurring  See recurring.
 Unreferring  See referring.
 Unreflecting  See reflecting.
 Unrefunding  See refunding.
 Unrefusing  See refusing.
 Unrejoicing  See rejoicing.
 Unrelaxing  See relaxing.
 Unrelishing  See relishing.
 Unremembering  See remembering.
 Unrepenting  See repenting.
 Unrepining  See repining.
 Unreproving  See reproving.
 Unrepulsing  See repulsing.
 Unresisting  See resisting.
 Unresolving  See resolving.
 Unresting  See resting.
 Unreturning  See returning.
 Unrewarding  See rewarding.
 Unsanctifying  See sanctifying.
 Unsatisfying  See satisfying.
 Unsearching  See searching.
 Unseeing  See seeing.
 Unsetting  See setting.
 Unshrinking  See shrinking.
 Unsinking  See sinking.
 Unsleeping  See sleeping.
 Unslipping  See slipping.
 Unslumbering  See slumbering.
 Unspeaking  See speaking.
 Unstinting  See stinting.
 Unstirring  See stirring.
 Unstooping  See stooping.
 Unsubmitting  See submitting.
 Unsufficing  See sufficing.
 Unsuiting  See suiting.
 Unsurging  See surging.
 Unsuspecting  See suspecting.
 Unsweating  See sweating.
 Unswerving  See swerving.
 Unsympathizing  See sympathizing.
 Untasting  See tasting.
 Unthriving  See thriving.
 Untiring  See tiring.
 Untoiling  See toiling.
 Untrading  See trading.
 Untrembling  See trembling.
 Untrespassing  See trespassing.
 Untrifling  See trifling.
 Unvacillating  See vacillating.
 Unvarying  See varying.
 Unwalking  See walking.
 Unwandering  See wandering.
 Unwaning  See waning.
 Unwasting  See wasting.
 Unwavering  See wavering.
 Unweeping  See weeping.
 Unwinking  See winking.
 Unwinning  See winning.
 Unwithdrawing  See withdrawing.
 Unwithering  See withering.
 Unwondering  See wondering.
 Unworking  See working.
 Unwriting  See writing.
 Unyielding  See yielding.
  ----- and the like.
 Note: The above classes of words are unlimited in extent, and such compounds may be formed by any writer or speaker at will from almost all the adjectives or participles in the language, excepting those which have a recognized and usual negative correspondent with the prefix -in. No attempt will be made, therefore, to define them all in this Dictionary; many will be omitted from its Vocabulary which are negations of the simple word, and are readily explained by prefixing a not to the latter. Derivatives of these words in -ly and -ness will also, for the most part, be omitted for the same or similar reasons.
    There will be inserted as separate articles with definitions, the following: --
   1. Those which have acquired an opposed or contrary, instead of a merely negative, meaning; as, unfriendly, ungraceful, unpalatable, unquiet, and the like; or else an intensive sense more than a prefixed not would express; as, unending, unparalleled, undisciplined, undoubted, unsafe, and the like.
   2.  Those which have the value of independent words, inasmuch as the simple words are either not used at all, or are rarely, or at least much less frequently, used; as, unavoidable, unconscionable, undeniable, unspeakable, unprecedented, unruly, and the like; or inasmuch as they are used in a different sense from the usual meaning of the primitive, or especially in one of the significations of the latter; as, unaccountable, unalloyed, unbelieving, unpretending, unreserved, and the like; or inasmuch as they are so frequently and familiarly used that they are hardly felt to be of negative origin; as, uncertain, uneven, and the like.
   3.  Those which are anomalous, provincial, or, for some other reason, not desirable to be used, and are so indicated; as, unpure for impure, unsatisfaction for dissatisfaction, unexpressible for inexpressible, and the like.
 II. Un- is prefixed to nouns to express the absence of, or the contrary of, that which the noun signifies; as, unbelief, unfaith, unhealth, unrest, untruth, and the like.
 Note:Compounds of this last class are given in full in their proper order in the Vocabulary.

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      adj 1: arousing no interest or attention or curiosity or
             excitement; "a very uninteresting account of her trip"
             [ant: interesting]
      2: characteristic or suggestive of an institution especially in
         being uniform or dull or unimaginative; "institutional