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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Con·struc·tion n.
 1. The process or art of constructing; the act of building; erection; the act of devising and forming; fabrication; composition.
 2. The form or manner of building or putting together the parts of anything; structure; arrangement.
    An astrolabe of peculiar construction.   --Whewell.
 3. Gram. The arrangement and connection of words in a sentence; syntactical arrangement.
    Some particles . . . in certain constructions have the sense of a whole sentence contained in them.   --Locke.
 4. The method of construing, interpreting, or explaining a declaration or fact; an attributed sense or meaning; understanding; explanation; interpretation; sense.
    Any person . . . might, by the sort of construction that would be put on this act, become liable to the penalties of treason.   --Hallam.
    Strictly, the term [construction] signifies determining the meaning and proper effect of language by a consideration of the subject matter and attendant circumstances in connection with the words employed.   --Abbott.
    Interpretation properly precedes construction, but it does not go beyond the written text.   --Parsons.
 Construction of an equation Math., the drawing of such lines and figures as will represent geometrically the quantities in the equation, and their relations to each other.
 Construction train Railroad, a train for transporting men and materials for construction or repairs.