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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 (b) To past particles, or to adjectives formed after the analogy of past particles, to indicate the absence of the condition or state expressed by them; as, --
 Unabased  See abased.
 Unabashed  See abashed.
 Unabated  See abated.
 Unabolished  See abolished.
 Unabsolved  See absolved.
 Unaccented  See accented.
 Unaccomodated  See accomodated.
 Unaccompanied  See accompanied.
 Unaccorded  See accorded.
 Unaccredited  See accredited.
 Unaccursed  See accursed.
 Unachieved  See achieved.
 Unacknowledged  See acknowledged.
 Unacquired  See acquired.
 Unacted  See acted.
 Unactuated  See actuated.
 Unadjectived  See adjectived.
 Unadjusted  See adjusted.
 Unadmired  See admired.
 Unadmitted  See admitted.
 Unadmonished  See admonished.
 Unadored  See adored.
 Unadorned  See adorned.
 Unadulterated  See adulterated.
 Unadvantaged  See advantaged.
 Unaffeared  See affeared.
 Unafflicted  See afflicted.
 Unaffrighted  See affrighted.
 Unaided  See aided.
 Unalarmed  See alarmed.
 Unallayed  See allayed.
 Unaltered  See altered.
 Unamazed  See amazed.
 Unamended  See amended.
 Unamused  See amused.
 Unanalyzed  See analyzed.
 Unanimated  See animated.
 Unannealed  See annealed.
 Unannoyed  See annoyed.
 Unanointed  See anointed.
 Unanswered  See answered.
 Unanticipated  See anticipated.
 Unappareled  See appareled.
 Unappeased  See appeased.
 Unapplied  See applied.
 Unappointed  See appointed.
 Unappreciated  See appreciated.
 Unapprehended  See apprehended.
 Unapprised  See apprised.
 Unapproached  See approached.
 Unapproved  See approved.
 Unarmed  See armed.
 Unarmored  See armored.
 Unarraigned  See arraigned.
 Unarrayed  See arrayed.
 Unarrested  See arrested.
 Unarrived  See arrived.
 Unarticulated  See articulated.
 Unascertained  See ascertained.
 Unasked  See asked.
 Unaspirated  See aspirated.
 Unassailed  See assailed.
 Unassaulted  See assaulted.
 Unassayed  See assayed.
 Unassisted  See assisted.
 Unastonished  See astonished.
 Unatoned  See atoned.
 Unattacked  See attacked.
 Unattained  See attained.
 Unattainted  See attainted.
 Unattempted  See attempted.
 Unattended  See attended.
 Unattested  See attested.
 Unattired  See attired.
 Unattracted  See attracted.
 Unauthenticated  See authenticated.
 Unauthorized  See authorized.
 Unavenged  See avenged.
 Unavised  See avised.
 Unavowed  See avowed.
 Unawaked  See awaked.
 Unawed  See awed.
 Unbaffled  See baffled.
 Unbagged  See bagged.
 Unbaked  See baked.
 unbaptized  See baptized.
 unbarbered  See barbered.
 Unbated  See bated.
 Unbathed  See bathed.
 Unbattered  See battered.
 Unbearded  See bearded.
 Unbeaten  See beaten.
 Unbeavered  See beavered.
 Unbeclouded  See beclouded.
 Unbedded  See bedded.
 Unbedewed  See bedewed.
 Unbefriended  See befriended.
 Unbegirt  See begirt.
 Unbeguiled  See beguiled.
 Unbeheld  See beheld.
 Unbeloved  See beloved.
 Unbeneficed  See beneficed.
 Unbenefited  See benefited.
 Unbenighted  See benighted.
 Unbesought  See besought.
 Unbespoken  See bespoken.
 Unbestowed  See bestowed.
 Unbetrayed  See betrayed.
 Unbewailed  See bewailed.
 Unbiased  See biased.
 Unbigoted  See bigoted.
 Unbit  See bit.
 Unbitted  See bitted.
 Unbitten  See bitten.
 Unblamed  See blamed.
 Unblasted  See blasted.
 Unbleached  See bleached.
 Unblenched  See blenched.
 Unblessed  See blessed.
 Unblest  See blest.
 Unblighted  See blighted.
 Unbloodied  See bloodied.
 Unblotted  See blotted.
 Unblown  See blown.
 Unblunted  See blunted.
 Unbodied  See bodied.
 Unboiled  See boiled.
 Unbolted  See bolted.
 Unbonneted  See bonneted.
 Unbooklearned  See