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From: DICT.TW English-Chinese Dictionary 英漢字典


From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 (b) To past particles, or to adjectives formed after the analogy of past particles, to indicate the absence of the condition or state expressed by them; as, --
 Unabased  See abased.
 Unabashed  See abashed.
 Unabated  See abated.
 Unabolished  See abolished.
 Unabsolved  See absolved.
 Unaccented  See accented.
 Unaccomodated  See accomodated.
 Unaccompanied  See accompanied.
 Unaccorded  See accorded.
 Unaccredited  See accredited.
 Unaccursed  See accursed.
 Unachieved  See achieved.
 Unacknowledged  See acknowledged.
 Unacquired  See acquired.
 Unacted  See acted.
 Unactuated  See actuated.
 Unadjectived  See adjectived.
 Unadjusted  See adjusted.
 Unadmired  See admired.
 Unadmitted  See admitted.
 Unadmonished  See admonished.
 Unadored  See adored.
 Unadorned  See adorned.
 Unadulterated  See adulterated.
 Unadvantaged  See advantaged.
 Unaffeared  See affeared.
 Unafflicted  See afflicted.
 Unaffrighted  See affrighted.
 Unaided  See aided.
 Unalarmed  See alarmed.
 Unallayed  See allayed.
 Unaltered  See altered.
 Unamazed  See amazed.
 Unamended  See amended.
 Unamused  See amused.
 Unanalyzed  See analyzed.
 Unanimated  See animated.
 Unannealed  See annealed.
 Unannoyed  See annoyed.
 Unanointed  See anointed.
 Unanswered  See answered.
 Unanticipated  See anticipated.
 Unappareled  See appareled.
 Unappeased  See appeased.
 Unapplied  See applied.
 Unappointed  See appointed.
 Unappreciated  See appreciated.
 Unapprehended  See apprehended.
 Unapprised  See apprised.
 Unapproached  See approached.
 Unapproved  See approved.
 Unarmed  See armed.
 Unarmored  See armored.
 Unarraigned  See arraigned.
 Unarrayed  See arrayed.
 Unarrested  See arrested.
 Unarrived  See arrived.
 Unarticulated  See articulated.
 Unascertained  See ascertained.
 Unasked  See asked.
 Unaspirated  See aspirated.
 Unassailed  See assailed.
 Unassaulted  See assaulted.
 Unassayed  See assayed.
 Unassisted  See assisted.
 Unastonished  See astonished.
 Unatoned  See atoned.
 Unattacked  See attacked.
 Unattained  See attained.
 Unattainted  See attainted.
 Unattempted  See attempted.
 Unattended  See attended.
 Unattested  See attested.
 Unattired  See attired.
 Unattracted  See attracted.
 Unauthenticated  See authenticated.
 Unauthorized  See authorized.
 Unavenged  See avenged.
 Unavised  See avised.
 Unavowed  See avowed.
 Unawaked  See awaked.
 Unawed  See awed.
 Unbaffled  See baffled.
 Unbagged  See bagged.
 Unbaked  See baked.
 unbaptized  See baptized.
 unbarbered  See barbered.
 Unbated  See bated.
 Unbathed  See bathed.
 Unbattered  See battered.
 Unbearded  See bearded.
 Unbeaten  See beaten.
 Unbeavered  See beavered.
 Unbeclouded  See beclouded.
 Unbedded  See bedded.
 Unbedewed  See bedewed.
 Unbefriended  See befriended.
 Unbegirt  See begirt.
 Unbeguiled  See beguiled.
 Unbeheld  See beheld.
 Unbeloved  See beloved.
 Unbeneficed  See beneficed.
 Unbenefited  See benefited.
 Unbenighted  See benighted.
 Unbesought  See besought.
 Unbespoken  See bespoken.
 Unbestowed  See bestowed.
 Unbetrayed  See betrayed.
 Unbewailed  See bewailed.
 Unbiased  See biased.
 Unbigoted  See bigoted.
 Unbit  See bit.
 Unbitted  See bitted.
 Unbitten  See bitten.
 Unblamed  See blamed.
 Unblasted  See blasted.
 Unbleached  See bleached.
 Unblenched  See blenched.
 Unblessed  See blessed.
 Unblest  See blest.
 Unblighted  See blighted.
 Unbloodied  See bloodied.
 Unblotted  See blotted.
 Unblown  See blown.
 Unblunted  See blunted.
 Unbodied  See bodied.
 Unboiled  See boiled.
 Unbolted  See bolted.
 Unbonneted  See bonneted.
 Unbooklearned  See booklearned.
 Unbooted  See booted.
 Unbought  See bought.
 Unbounded  See bounded.
 Unbounden  See bounden.
 Unbraided  See braided.
 Unbranded  See branded.
 Unbreeched  See breeched.
 Unbribed  See bribed.
 Unbridged  See bridged.
 Unbroached  See broached.
 Unbroke  See broke.
 Unbroken  See broken.
 Unbruised  See bruised.
 Unbuckramed  See buckramed.
 Unbudded  See budded.
 Unbuilt  See built.
 Unburied  See buried.
 Unburned  See burned.
 Unburnished  See burnished.
 Uncabled  See cabled.
 Uncalcified  See calcified.
 Uncalcined  See calcined.
 Uncalled  See called.
 Uncanceled  See canceled.
 Uncanonized  See canonized.
 Uncanopied  See canopied.
 Uncapped  See capped.
 Uncarpeted  See carpeted.
 Uncast  See cast.
 Uncastled  See castled.
 Uncatechised  See catechised.
 Uncaught  See caught.
 Uncelebrated  See celebrated.
 Uncertificated  See certificated.
 Uncertified  See certified.
 Unchained  See chained.
 Unchallenged  See challenged.
 Unchanged  See changed.
 Unchanted  See chanted.
 Uncharged  See charged.
 Unchastened  See chastened.
 Unchastised  See chastised.
 Unchecked  See checked.
 Uncheered  See cheered.
 Unchewed  See chewed.
 Unchilled  See chilled.
 Unchosen  See chosen.
 Uncinctured  See cinctured.
 Uncircumcised  See circumcised.
 Uncircumscribed  See circumscribed.
 Unclaimed  See claimed.
 Unclarified  See clarified.
 Uncleared  See cleared.
 Unclouded  See clouded.
 Uncloven  See cloven.
 Uncoacted  See coacted.
 Uncoffined  See coffined.
 Uncoifed  See coifed.
 Uncollected  See collected.
 Uncolored  See colored.
 Uncombed  See combed.
 Uncomforted  See comforted.
 Uncommanded  See commanded.
 Uncommended  See commended.
 Uncommissioned  See commissioned.
 Uncommitted  See committed.
 Uncommixed  See commixed.
 Uncommunicated  See communicated.
 Uncompacted  See compacted.
 Uncompanied  See companied.
 Uncompanioned  See companioned.
 Uncompassed  See compassed.
 Uncompassioned  See compassioned.
 Uncompelled  See compelled.
 Uncompensated  See compensated.
 Uncompleted  See completed.
 Uncompounded  See compounded.
 Uncompressed  See compressed.
 Uncomprised  See comprised.
 Unconcealed  See concealed.
 Unconceived  See conceived.
 Unconcocted  See concocted.
 Uncondemned  See condemned.
 Uncondited  See condited.
 Unconducted  See conducted.
 Unconferred  See conferred.
 Unconfessed  See confessed.
 Unconfined  See confined.
 Unconfirmed  See confirmed.
 Unconfused  See confused.
 Unconfuted  See confuted.
 Uncongealed  See congealed.
 Unconnected  See connected.
 Unconquered  See conquered.
 Unconsecrated  See consecrated.
 Unconsoled  See consoled.
 Unconstrained  See constrained.
 Unconsulted  See consulted.
 Uncontemned  See contemned.
 Uncontended  See contended.
 Uncontented  See contented.
 Uncontested  See contested.
 Uncontradicted  See contradicted.
 Uncontrolled  See controlled.
 Uncontroverted  See controverted.
 Unconvinced  See convinced.
 Uncorrected  See corrected.
 Uncorroborated  See corroborated.
 Uncorrupted  See corrupted.
 Uncounseled  See counseled.
 Uncounted  See counted.
 Uncountenanced  See countenanced.
 Uncourted  See courted.
 Uncoveted  See coveted.
 Uncowled  See cowled.
 Uncrannied  See crannied.
 Uncredited  See credited.
 Uncrippled  See crippled.
 Uncrooked  See crooked.
 Uncropped  See cropped.
 Uncrossed  See crossed.
 Uncrowded  See crowded.
 Uncrowned  See crowned.
 Uncuckolded  See cuckolded.
 Unculled  See culled.
 Uncultivated  See cultivated.
 Uncultured  See cultured.
 Uncumbered  See cumbered.
 Uncurbed  See curbed.
 Uncured  See cured.
 Uncurled  See curled.
 Uncursed  See cursed.
 Uncurst  See curst.
 Undamaged  See damaged.
 Undamped  See damped.
 Undangered  See dangered.
 Undashed  See dashed.
 Undazzled  See dazzled.
 Undebased  See debased.
 Undebauched  See debauched.
 Undeceived  See deceived.
 Undecided  See decided.
 Undeciphered  See deciphered.
 Undeclared  See declared.
 Undeclined  See declined.
 Undecorated  See decorated.
 Undedicated  See dedicated.
 Undefaced  See defaced.
 Undefecated  See defecated.
 Undefended  See defended.
 Undefensed  See defensed.
 Undefied  See defied.
 Undefiled  See defiled.
 Undefined  See defined.
 Undeflowered  See deflowered.
 Undeformed  See deformed.
 Undefouled  See defouled.
 Undegraded  See degraded.
 Undejected  See dejected.
 Undelayed  See delayed.
 Undelegated  See delegated.
 Undelighted  See delighted.
 Undelivered  See delivered.
 Undeluded  See deluded.
 Undeluged  See deluged.
 Undelved  See delved.
 Undemolished  See demolished.
 Undephlegmated  See dephlegmated.
 Undeplored  See deplored.
 Undepraved  See depraved.
 Undepreciated  See depreciated.
 Undepressed  See depressed.
 Undeprived  See deprived.
 Underived  See derived.
 Undescribed  See described.
 Undescried  See descried.
 Undeserved  See deserved.
 Undesigned  See designed.
 Undesired  See desired.
 Undestined  See destined.
 Undestroyed  See destroyed.
 Undetermined  See determined.
 Undeterred  See deterred.
 Undevised  See devised.
 Undevoted  See devoted.
 Undigested  See digested.
 Undiked  See diked.
 Undiluted  See diluted.
 Undiminished  See diminished.
 Undinted  See dinted.
 Undipped  See dipped.
 Undisbanded  See disbanded.
 Undiscerned  See discerned.
 Undischarged  See discharged.
 Undisciplined  See disciplined.
 Undiscomfitted  See discomfitted.
 Undiscouraged  See discouraged.
 Undiscoursed  See discoursed.
 Undiscovered  See discovered.
 Undiseased  See diseased.
 Undisfigured  See disfigured.
 Undisgraced  See disgraced.
 Undisguised  See disguised.
 Undishonored  See dishonored.
 Undisjoined  See disjoined.
 Undismayed  See dismayed.
 Undismissed  See dismissed.
 Undispatched  See dispatched.
 Undispersed  See dispersed.
 Undisplayed  See displayed.
 Undispleased  See displeased.
 Undispunged  See dispunged.
 Undisputed  See disputed.
 Undisquieted  See disquieted.
 Undissembled  See dissembled.
 Undissevered  See dissevered.
 Undissipated  See dissipated.
 Undissolved  See dissolved.
 Undistempered  See distempered.
 Undistinguished  See distinguished.
 Undistorted  See distorted.
 Undistracted  See distracted.
 Undistressed  See distressed.
 Undistributed  See distributed.
 Undisturbed  See disturbed.
 Undiverted  See diverted.
 Undivided  See divided.
 Undivorced  See divorced.
 Undivulged  See divulged.
 Undomesticated  See domesticated.
 Undoomed  See doomed.
 Undoubted  See doubted.
 Undowered  See dowered.
 Undraped  See draped.
 Undrawn  See drawn.
 Undreaded  See dreaded.
 Undrenched  See drenched.
 Undressed  See dressed.
 Undrilled  See drilled.
 Undriven  See driven.
 Undrowned  See drowned.
 Undubbed  See dubbed.
 Uneased  See eased.
 Uneaten  See eaten.
 Uneclipsed  See eclipsed.
 Unedified  See edified.
 Uneducated  See educated.
 Uneffaced  See effaced.
 Unegested  See egested.
 Unelbowed  See elbowed.
 Unelected  See elected.
 Unembittered  See embittered.
 Unembowered  See embowered.
 Unemotioned  See emotioned.
 Unemployed  See employed.
 Unemptied  See emptied.
 Unenabled  See enabled.
 Unenchanted  See enchanted.
 Unenclosed  See enclosed.
 Unencumbered  See encumbered.
 Unendangered  See endangered.
 Unendeared  See endeared.
 Unendowed  See endowed.
 Unenfeebled  See enfeebled.
 Unenfranchised  See enfranchised.
 Unengaged  See engaged.
 Un-Englished  See -Englished.
 Unenjoyed  See enjoyed.
 Unenlarged  See enlarged.
 Unenlightened  See enlightened.
 Unelivened  See elivened.
 Unenslaved  See enslaved.
 Unentangled  See entangled.
 Unentered  See entered.
 Unenthralled  See enthralled.
 Unentombed  See entombed.
 Unentranced  See entranced.
 Unenvied  See envied.
 Unescutcheoned  See escutcheoned.
 Unespied  See espied.
 Unessayed  See essayed.
 Unevolved  See evolved.
 Unexacted  See exacted.
 Unexaggerated  See exaggerated.
 Unexamined  See examined.
 Unexampled  See exampled.
 Unexcelled  See excelled.
 Unexchanged  See exchanged.
 Unexcised  See excised.
 Unexecuted  See executed.
 Unexemplified  See exemplified.
 Unexempted  See exempted.
 Unexercised  See exercised.
 Unexerted  See exerted.
 Unexhausted  See exhausted.
 Unexpanded  See expanded.
 Unexpected  See expected.
 Unexpired  See expired.
 Unexplained  See explained.
 Unexplicated  See explicated.
 Unexplored  See explored.
 Unexposed  See exposed.
 Unexpounded  See expounded.
 Unexpressed  See expressed.
 Unextinguished  See extinguished.
 Unextirpated  See extirpated.
 Unextorted  See extorted.
 Uneyed  See eyed.
 Unfabled  See fabled.
 Unfaded  See faded.
 Unfallen  See fallen.
 Unfallowed  See fallowed.
 Unfalsified  See falsified.
 Unfamed  See famed.
 Unfanned  See fanned.
 Unfarrowed  See farrowed.
 Unfascinated  See fascinated.
 Unfashioned  See fashioned.
 Unfathomed  See fathomed.
 Unfatigued  See fatigued.
 Unfeared  See feared.
 Unfeathered  See feathered.
 Unfed  See fed.
 Unfeed  See feed.
 Unfenced  See fenced.
 Unfermented  See fermented.
 Unfetched  See fetched.
 Unfettered  See fettered.
 Unfigured  See figured.
 Unfilled  See filled.
 Unfilleted  See filleted.
 Unfingered  See fingered.
 Unfired  See fired.
 Unfitted  See fitted.
 Unfixed  See fixed.
 Unflanked  See flanked.
 Unflatterd  See flatterd.
 Unfleshed  See fleshed.
 Unfoiled  See foiled.
 Unfollowed  See followed.
 Unfooted  See footed.
 Unforbidden  See forbidden.
 Unforced  See forced.
 Unforded  See forded.
 Unforeknown  See foreknown.
 Unforeseen  See foreseen.
 Unforethought  See forethought.
 Unforetold  See foretold.
 Unforewarned  See forewarned.
 Unforfeited  See forfeited.
 Unforgiven  See forgiven.
 Unforgotten  See forgotten.
 Unformalized  See formalized.
 Unforsaken  See forsaken.
 Unfortified  See fortified.
 Unfossilized  See fossilized.
 Unfostered  See fostered.
 Unfought  See fought.
 Unfouled  See fouled.
 Unfractured  See fractured.
 Unframed  See framed.
 Unfranchised  See franchised.
 Unfrighted  See frighted.
 Unfrozen  See frozen.
 Unfructed  See fructed.
 Unfueled  See fueled.
 Unfulfilled  See fulfilled.
 Unfunded  See funded.
 Unfurnished  See furnished.
 Unfurrowed  See furrowed.
 Unfused  See fused.
 Ungained  See gained.
 Ungainsaid  See gainsaid.
 Ungalled  See galled.
 Ungarmented  See garmented.
 Ungarnished  See garnished.
 Ungarrisoned  See garrisoned.
 Ungartered  See gartered.
 Ungathered  See gathered.
 Ungauged  See gauged.
 Ungenerated  See generated.
 Ungilded  See gilded.
 Ungilt  See gilt.
 Unginned  See ginned.
 Ungirded  See girded.
 Ungirt  See girt.
 Unglazed  See glazed.
 Ungloomed  See gloomed.
 Unglorified  See glorified.
 Ungloved  See gloved.
 Unglutted  See glutted.
 Ungorged  See gorged.
 Ungoverned  See governed.
 Ungraced  See graced.
 Ungranted  See granted.
 Ungratified  See gratified.
 Ungraved  See graved.
 Ungraven  See graven.
 Unground  See ground.
 Ungrounded  See grounded.
 Ungrown  See grown.
 Ungrudged  See grudged.
 Unguarded  See guarded.
 Unguerdoned  See guerdoned.
 Unguessed  See guessed.
 Unguided  See guided.
 Unhabited  See habited.
 Unhacked  See hacked.
 Unhackneyed  See hackneyed.
 Unhailed  See hailed.
 Unhalsed  See halsed.
 Unhampered  See hampered.
 Unhandled  See handled.
 Unhanged  See hanged.
 Unhardened  See hardened.
 Unharmed  See harmed.
 Unhatched  See hatched.
 Unhazarded  See hazarded.
 Unhealed  See healed.
 Unheated  See heated.
 Unhedged  See hedged.
 Unheeded  See heeded.
 Unheired  See heired.
 Unhelped  See helped.
 Unhewed  See hewed.
 Unhewn  See hewn.
 Unhidden  See hidden.
 Unhindered  See hindered.
 Unhired  See hired.
 Unholpen  See holpen.
 Unhonored  See honored.
 Unhooked  See hooked.
 Unhorned  See horned.
 Unhumbled  See humbled.
 Unhung  See hung.
 Unhusbanded  See husbanded.
 Unhushed  See hushed.
 Unillumed  See illumed.
 Unilluminated  See illuminated.
 Unillustrated  See illustrated.
 Unimagined  See imagined.
 Unimmersed  See immersed.
 Unimmured  See immured.
 Unimpared  See impared.
 Unimparted  See imparted.
 Unimpassioned  See impassioned.
 Unimpeached  See impeached.
 Unimpeded  See impeded.
 Unimplored  See implored.
 Unimportuned  See importuned.
 Unimposed  See imposed.
 Unimpressed  See impressed.
 Unincensed  See incensed.
 Uninclosed  See inclosed.
 Unincorporated  See incorporated.
 Unindented  See indented.
 Uninfected  See infected.
 Uninflamed  See inflamed.
 Uninfluenced  See influenced.
 Uninformed  See informed.
 Uninfringed  See infringed.
 Uninhabited  See inhabited.
 Uninitiated  See initiated.
 Uninjured  See injured.
 Uninscribed  See inscribed.
 Uninspired  See inspired.
 Uninstructed  See instructed.
 Unintended  See intended.
 Unintermitted  See intermitted.
 Unintermixed  See intermixed.
 Uninterpreted  See interpreted.
 Uninterred  See interred.
 Uninterrupted  See interrupted.
 Uninthralled  See inthralled.
 Unintombed  See intombed.
 Unintrenched  See intrenched.
 Unintricated  See intricated.
 Unintroduced  See introduced.
 Uninured  See inured.
 Uninvaded  See invaded.
 Uninvented  See invented.
 Uninvited  See invited.
 Uninvoked  See invoked.
 Uninvolved  See involved.
 Unjaundiced  See jaundiced.
 Unjudged  See judged.
 Unkenned  See kenned.
 Unkept  See kept.
 Unkilled  See killed.
 Unkindled  See kindled.
 Unkissed  See kissed.
 Unkneaded  See kneaded.
 Unknotted  See knotted.
 Unlackeyed  See lackeyed.
 Unladen  See laden.
 Unlamented  See lamented.
 Unlarded  See larded.
 Unlashed  See lashed.
 Unlaureled  See laureled.
 Unlavished  See lavished.
 Unleavened  See leavened.
 Unlectured  See lectured.
 Unled  See led.
 Unleft  See left.
 Unlessoned  See lessoned.
 Unlettered  See lettered.
 Unleveled  See leveled.
 Unlicensed  See licensed.
 Unlifted  See lifted.
 Unlighted  See lighted.
 Unliquefied  See liquefied.
 Unliquored  See liquored.
 Unlisted  See listed.
 Unlooped  See looped.
 Unlost  See lost.
 Unloved  See loved.
 Unmacadamized  See macadamized.
 Unmaimed  See maimed.
 Unmanaged  See managed.
 Unmangled  See mangled.
 Unmannered  See mannered.
 Unmanufactured  See manufactured.
 Unmanured  See manured.
 Unmarked  See marked.
 Unmarred  See marred.
 Unmarried  See married.
 Unmarshaled  See marshaled.
 Unmasked  See masked.
 Unmastered  See mastered.
 Unmatched  See matched.
 Unmated  See mated.
 Unmatriculated  See matriculated.
 Unmeasured  See measured.
 Unmeditated  See meditated.
 Unmellowed  See mellowed.
 Unmelodized  See melodized.
 Unmelted  See melted.
 Unmentioned  See mentioned.
 Unmerited  See merited.
 Unmet  See met.
 Unmeted  See meted.
 Unmethodized  See methodized.
 Unmilked  See milked.
 Unmilled  See milled.
 Unminded  See minded.
 Unmingled  See mingled.
 Unmissed  See missed.
 Unmitigated  See mitigated.
 Unmixed  See mixed.
 Unmoaned  See moaned.
 Unmocked  See mocked.
 Unmodernized  See modernized.
 Unmodified  See modified.
 Unmoistened  See moistened.
 Unmolested  See molested.
 Unmortared  See mortared.
 Unmortgaged  See mortgaged.
 Unmortified  See mortified.
 Unmounded  See mounded.
 Unmourned  See mourned.
 Unmown  See mown.
 Unmummied  See mummied.
 Unmurmured  See murmured.
 Unmuscled  See muscled.
 Unmutilated  See mutilated.
 Unnamed  See named.
 Unnaturalized  See naturalized.
 Unnavigated  See navigated.
 Unnerved  See nerved.
 Unnetted  See netted.
 Unnotched  See notched.
 Unnoted  See noted.
 Unnoticed  See noticed.
 Unnourished  See nourished.
 Unnurtured  See nurtured.
 Unobeyed  See obeyed.
 Unobjected  See objected.
 Unobscured  See obscured.
 Unobserved  See observed.
 Unobstructed  See obstructed.
 Unobtained  See obtained.
 Unoccupied  See occupied.
 Unoffered  See offered.
 Unoiled  See oiled.
 Unopened  See opened.
 Unopposed  See opposed.
 Unordained  See ordained.
 Unordered  See ordered.
 Unornamented  See ornamented.
 Unovertaken  See overtaken.
 Unoxidized  See oxidized.
 Unpacified  See pacified.
 Unpacked  See packed.
 Unpaid  See paid.
 Unpained  See pained.
 Unpainted  See painted.
 Unpanged  See panged.
 Unpardoned  See pardoned.
 Unparroted  See parroted.
 Unparted  See parted.
 Unparticipated  See participated.
 Unpassionated  See passionated.
 Unpassioned  See passioned.
 Unpastured  See pastured.
 Unpatronized  See patronized.
 Unpatterened  See patterened.
 Unpawned  See pawned.
 Unpenciled  See penciled.
 Unpensioned  See pensioned.
 Unpeopled  See peopled.
 Unpeppered  See peppered.
 Unperceived  See perceived.
 Unpercussed  See percussed.
 Unperfected  See perfected.
 Unperformed  See performed.
 Unperished  See perished.
 Unperjured  See perjured.
 Unperplexed  See perplexed.
 Unpersecuted  See persecuted.
 Unpersuaded  See persuaded.
 Unperturbed  See perturbed.
 Unperused  See perused.
 Unperverted  See perverted.
 Unpetrified  See petrified.
 Unphysicked  See physicked.
 Unpierced  See pierced.
 Unpillared  See pillared.
 Unpillowed  See pillowed.
 Unpiloted  See piloted.
 Unpinioned  See pinioned.
 Unpinked  See pinked.
 Unplagued  See plagued.
 Unplanted  See planted.
 Unpleaded  See pleaded.
 Unpleased  See pleased.
 Unpledged  See pledged.
 Unploughed  See ploughed.
 Unplucked  See plucked.
 Unplumbed  See plumbed.
 Unpointed  See pointed.
 Unpolished  See polished.
 Unpolluted  See polluted.
 Unportioned  See portioned.
 Unpossessed  See possessed.
 Unposted  See posted.
 Unpracticed  See practiced.
 Unpraised  See praised.
 Unpreferred  See preferred.
 Unpremeditated  See premeditated.
 Unprepared  See prepared.
 Unprepossessed  See prepossessed.
 Unprescribed  See prescribed.
 Unpresented  See presented.
 Unpressed  See pressed.
 Unprivileged  See privileged.
 Unprized  See prized.
 Unprobed  See probed.
 Unproclaimed  See proclaimed.
 Unprocured  See procured.
 Unprofaned  See profaned.
 Unprofessed  See professed.
 Unprohibited  See prohibited.
 Unprojected  See projected.
 Unpromised  See promised.
 Unpronounced  See pronounced.
 Unproportioned  See proportioned.
 Unproposed  See proposed.
 Unpropped  See propped.
 Unprotected  See protected.
 Unproved  See proved.
 Unprovided  See provided.
 Unprovoked  See provoked.
 Unpruned  See pruned.
 Unpublished  See published.
 Unpulled  See pulled.
 Unpunished  See punished.
 Unpurged  See purged.
 Unpurified  See purified.
 Unpurposed  See purposed.
 Unpursued  See pursued.
 Unpurveyed  See purveyed.
 Unputrefied  See putrefied.
 Unquaffed  See quaffed.
 Unquailed  See quailed.
 Unqualified  See qualified.
 Unquelled  See quelled.
 Unquenched  See quenched.
 Unquickened  See quickened.
 Unracked  See racked.
 Unraked  See raked.
 Unransacked  See ransacked.
 Unransomed  See ransomed.
 Unraptured  See raptured.
 Unravaged  See ravaged.
 Unrazed  See razed.
 Unreached  See reached.
 Unread  See read.
 Unrealized  See realized.
 Unreasoned  See reasoned.
 Unreaved  See reaved.
 Unrebated  See rebated.
 Unrebuked  See rebuked.
 Unrecalled  See recalled.
 Unreceived  See received.
 Unrecked  See recked.
 Unreckoned  See reckoned.
 Unreclaimed  See reclaimed.
 Unrecognized  See recognized.
 Unrecompensed  See recompensed.
 Unreconciled  See reconciled.
 Unrecorded  See recorded.
 Unrecounted  See recounted.
 Unrecovered  See recovered.
 Unrecruited  See recruited.
 Unredressed  See redressed.
 Unreduced  See reduced.
 Unrefined  See refined.
 Unreflected  See reflected.
 Unreformed  See reformed.
 Unrefracted  See refracted.
 Unrefreshed  See refreshed.
 Unregarded  See regarded.
 Unregistered  See registered.
 Unregretted  See regretted.
 Unrehearsed  See rehearsed.
 Unreined  See reined.
 Unrejoiced  See rejoiced.
 Unrelated  See related.
 Unrelaxed  See relaxed.
 Unrelieved  See relieved.
 Unrelinquished  See relinquished.
 Unremedied  See remedied.
 Unremembered  See remembered.
 Unremitted  See remitted.
 Unremoved  See removed.
 Unrenewed  See renewed.
 Unrepaid  See repaid.
 Unrepaired  See repaired.
 Unrepealed  See repealed.
 Unrepeated  See repeated.
 Unrepented  See repented.
 Unreplenished  See replenished.
 Unrepresented  See represented.
 Unrepressed  See repressed.
 Unreprieved  See reprieved.
 Unreproached  See reproached.
 Unrequested  See requested.
 Unrequired  See required.
 Unrequited  See requited.
 Unresented  See resented.
 Unreserved  See reserved.
 Unresisted  See resisted.
 Unresolved  See resolved.
 Unrespected  See respected.
 Unrespited  See respited.
 Unrested  See rested.
 Unrestored  See restored.
 Unrestrained  See restrained.
 Unrestricted  See restricted.
 Unretarded  See retarded.
 Unretracted  See retracted.
 Unreturned  See returned.
 Unrevealed  See revealed.
 Unrevenged  See revenged.
 Unreversed  See reversed.
 Unreverted  See reverted.
 Unrevoked  See revoked.
 Unrewarded  See rewarded.
 Unrhymed  See rhymed.
 Unrifled  See rifled.
 Unrigged  See rigged.
 Unrighted  See righted.
 Unripened  See ripened.
 Unrippled  See rippled.
 Unriven  See riven.
 Unroasted  See roasted.
 Unrobbed  See robbed.
 Unrobed  See robed.
 Unroiled  See roiled.
 Unrotted  See rotted.
 Unrounded  See rounded.
 Unrouted  See routed.
 Unruined  See ruined.
 Unsacked  See sacked.
 Unsaid  See said.
 Unsalaried  See salaried.
 Unsalted  See salted.
 Unsaluted  See saluted.
 Unsalved  See salved.
 Unsanctified  See sanctified.
 Unsanctioned  See sanctioned.
 Unsandaled  See sandaled.
 Unsapped  See sapped.
 Unsated  See sated.
 Unsatisfied  See satisfied.
 Unsaved  See saved.
 Unscanned  See scanned.
 Unscanted  See scanted.
 Unscathed  See scathed.
 Unscattered  See scattered.
 Unschooled  See schooled.
 Unscissored  See scissored.
 Unscorched  See scorched.
 Unscoured  See scoured.
 Unscratched  See scratched.
 Unscreened  See screened.
 Unsealed  See sealed.
 Unsearched  See searched.
 Unsecured  See secured.
 Unseduced  See seduced.
 Unseized  See seized.
 Unsent  See sent.
 Unsentenced  See sentenced.
 Unsepulchered  See sepulchered.
 Unsepulchred  See sepulchred.
 Unsequestered  See sequestered.
 Unserved  See served.
 Unsettled  See settled.
 Unsevered  See severed.
 Unsewn  See sewn.
 Unshackled  See shackled.
 Unshaded  See shaded.
 Unshadowed  See shadowed.
 Unshaken  See shaken.
 Unshamed  See shamed.
 Unshared  See shared.
 Unsharpened  See sharpened.
 Unshattered  See shattered.
 Unshaven  See shaven.
 Unsheltered  See sheltered.
 Unshielded  See shielded.
 Unshivered  See shivered.
 Unshocked  See shocked.
 Unshod  See shod.
 Unshook  See shook.
 Unshored  See shored.
 Unshorn  See shorn.
 Unshortened  See shortened.
 Unshown  See shown.
 Unshrined  See shrined.
 Unshriven  See shriven.
 Unshunned  See shunned.
 Unshut  See shut.
 Unsinewed  See sinewed.
 Unsinged  See singed.
 Unsingled  See singled.
 Unskilled  See skilled.
 Unslackened  See slackened.
 Unslain  See slain.
 Unslaughtered  See slaughtered.
 Unsmirched  See smirched.
 Unsmitten  See smitten.
 Unsmoked  See smoked.
 Unsmote  See smote.
 Unsoaped  See soaped.
 Unsodden  See sodden.
 Unsoftened  See softened.
 Unsoiled  See soiled.
 Unsold  See sold.
 Unsolicited  See solicited.
 Unsolid  See solid.
 Unsolved  See solved.
 Unsoothed  See soothed.
 Unsought  See sought.
 Unsouled  See souled.
 Unsounded  See sounded.
 Unsoured  See soured.
 Unsown  See sown.
 Unspared  See spared.
 Unspecified  See specified.
 Unspecked  See specked.
 Unspent  See spent.
 Unspied  See spied.
 Unspoiled  See spoiled.
 Unspoken  See spoken.
 Unspread  See spread.
 Unsquared  See squared.
 Unsqueezed  See squeezed.
 Unstabled  See stabled.
 Unstaid  See staid.
 Unstained  See stained.
 Unstamped  See stamped.
 Unstanched  See stanched.
 Unstartled  See startled.
 Unstationed  See stationed.
 Unstayed  See stayed.
 Unsteadied  See steadied.
 Unsteeped  See steeped.
 Unstifled  See stifled.
 Unstigmatized  See stigmatized.
 Unstimulated  See stimulated.
 Unstinted  See stinted.
 Unstirred  See stirred.
 Unstopped  See stopped.
 Unstormed  See stormed.
 Unstowed  See stowed.
 Unstraitened  See straitened.
 Unstrengthened  See strengthened.
 Unstrewed  See strewed.
 Unstringed  See stringed.
 Unstripped  See stripped.
 Unstruck  See struck.
 Unstrung  See strung.
 Unstudied  See studied.
 Unstuffed  See stuffed.
 Unsubdued  See subdued.
 Unsuborned  See suborned.
 Unsubscribed  See subscribed.
 Unsubstantiated  See substantiated.
 Unsucceeded  See succeeded.
 Unsuccored  See succored.
 Unsucked  See sucked.
 Unsued  See sued.
 Unsugared  See sugared.
 Unsuited  See suited.
 Unsullied  See sullied.
 Unsummed  See summed.
 Unsummoned  See summoned.
 Unsung  See sung.
 Unsunk  See sunk.
 Unsunned  See sunned.
 Unsuperscribed  See superscribed.
 Unsupped  See supped.
 Unsupplanted  See supplanted.
 Unsupplied  See supplied.
 Unsupported  See supported.
 Unsuppressed  See suppressed.
 Unsurpassed  See surpassed.
 Unsurrendered  See surrendered.
 Unsurrounded  See surrounded.
 Unsuspected  See suspected.
 Unsuspended  See suspended.
 Unsustained  See sustained.
 Unswayed  See swayed.
 Unswept  See swept.
 Unswilled  See swilled.
 Unsworn  See sworn.
 Unsyllabled  See syllabled.
 Unsystematized  See systematized.
 Untagged  See tagged.
 Untainted  See tainted.
 Untaken  See taken.
 Untalented  See talented.
 Untamed  See tamed.
 Untanned  See tanned.
 Untarnished  See tarnished.
 Untasked  See tasked.
 Untasted  See tasted.
 Untaught  See taught.
 Untempered  See tempered.
 Untempted  See tempted.
 Untendered  See tendered.
 Unterrified  See terrified.
 Unthawed  See thawed.
 Unthinned  See thinned.
 Unthought  See thought.
 Unthreatened  See threatened.
 Unthreshed  See threshed.
 Unthrown  See thrown.
 Untickled  See tickled.
 Untiled  See tiled.
 Untilled  See tilled.
 Untimbered  See timbered.
 Untinctured  See tinctured.
 Untinged  See tinged.
 Untired  See tired.
 Untoiled  See toiled.
 Untombed  See tombed.
 Untormented  See tormented.
 Untorn  See torn.
 Untortured  See tortured.
 Untouched  See touched.
 Untraced  See traced.
 Untracked  See tracked.
 Untrampled  See trampled.
 Untranslated  See translated.
 Untrenched  See trenched.
 Untried  See tried.
 Untrimmed  See trimmed.
 Untrod  See trod.
 Untrodden  See trodden.
 Untrolled  See trolled.
 Untroubled  See troubled.
 Untrumpeted  See trumpeted.
 Untrussed  See trussed.
 Untuned  See tuned.
 Unturbaned  See turbaned.
 Untutored  See tutored.
 Ununited  See united.
 Unurged  See urged.
 Unutilized  See utilized.
 Unuttered  See uttered.
 Unvanquished  See vanquished.
 Unvantaged  See vantaged.
 Unvaried  See varied.
 Unvariegated  See variegated.
 Unvarnished  See varnished.
 Unvenomed  See venomed.
 Unvented  See vented.
 Unventilated  See ventilated.
 Unverified  See verified.
 Unversed  See versed.
 Unvexed  See vexed.
 Unvictualed  See victualed.
 Unviolated  See violated.
 Unvisited  See visited.
 Unvoiced  See voiced.
 Unvowed  See vowed.
 Unwaked  See waked.
 Unwakened  See wakened.
 Unwalled  See walled.
 Unwanted  See wanted.
 Unwappered  See wappered.
 Unwarded  See warded.
 Unwarmed  See warmed.
 Unwarned  See warned.
 Unwarranted  See warranted.
 Unwasted  See wasted.
 Unwatered  See watered.
 Unweakened  See weakened.
 Unweaned  See weaned.
 Unweaponed  See weaponed.
 Unwebbed  See webbed.
 Unwed  See wed.
 Unwedded  See wedded.
 Unweeded  See weeded.
 Unwept  See wept.
 Unwhipped  See whipped.
 Unwhipt  See whipt.
 Unwhirled  See whirled.
 Unwinged  See winged.
 Unwiped  See wiped.
 Unwished  See wished.
 Unwithered  See withered.
 Unwithheld  See withheld.
 Unwithstood  See withstood.
 Unwitnessed  See witnessed.
 Unwived  See wived.
 Unwooed  See wooed.
 Unworn  See worn.
 Unworshiped  See worshiped.
 Unwounded  See wounded.
 Unwoven  See woven.
 Unwreaked  See wreaked.
 Unwrecked  See wrecked.
 Unwrinkled  See wrinkled.
 Unwrought  See wrought.
 Unwrung  See wrung.
 Unyielded  See yielded.
  ----- and the like.
 (c) To present participles which come from intransitive verbs, or are themselves employed as adjectives, to mark the absence of the activity, disposition, or condition implied by the participle; as, --

From: WordNet (r) 2.0

      adj 1: not mixed; "pure oxygen" [syn: pure, undiluted]
      2: not mixed with extraneous elements; "plain water"; "sheer
         wine"; "not an unmixed blessing" [syn: plain, sheer, unmingled]
      3: not constituting a compound [syn: uncompounded]