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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Mill, n.
 1. A machine for grinding or comminuting any substance, as grain, by rubbing and crushing it between two hard, rough, or indented surfaces; as, a gristmill, a coffee mill; a bone mill.
 2. A machine used for expelling the juice, sap, etc., from vegetable tissues by pressure, or by pressure in combination with a grinding, or cutting process; as, a cider mill; a cane mill.
 3. A machine for grinding and polishing; as, a lapidary mill.
 4. A common name for various machines which produce a manufactured product, or change the form of a raw material by the continuous repetition of some simple action; as, a sawmill; a stamping mill, etc.
 5. A building or collection of buildings with machinery by which the processes of manufacturing are carried on; as, a cotton mill; a powder mill; a rolling mill.
 6. Die Sinking A hardened steel roller having a design in relief, used for imprinting a reversed copy of the design in a softer metal, as copper.
 7. Mining (a) An excavation in rock, transverse to the workings, from which material for filling is obtained. (b) A passage underground through which ore is shot.
 8. A milling cutter. See Illust. under Milling.
 9. A pugilistic encounter. [Cant]
 10. Short for Treadmill.
 11.  The raised or ridged edge or surface made in milling anything, as a coin or screw.
 Edge mill, Flint mill, etc. See under Edge, Flint, etc.
 Mill bar Iron Works, a rough bar rolled or drawn directly from a bloom or puddle bar for conversion into merchant iron in the mill.
 Mill cinder, slag from a puddling furnace.
 Mill head, the head of water employed to turn the wheel of a mill.
 Mill pick, a pick for dressing millstones.
 Mill pond, a pond that supplies the water for a mill.
 Mill race, the canal in which water is conveyed to a mill wheel, or the current of water which drives the wheel.
 Mill tail, the water which flows from a mill wheel after turning it, or the channel in which the water flows.
 Mill tooth, a grinder or molar tooth.
 Mill wheel, the water wheel that drives the machinery of a mill.
 Gin mill, a tavern; a bar; a saloon; especially, a cheap or seedy establishment that serves liquor by the drink.
 Roller mill, a mill in which flour or meal is made by crushing grain between rollers.
 Stamp mill Mining, a mill in which ore is crushed by stamps.
 To go through the mill, to experience the suffering or discipline necessary to bring one to a certain degree of knowledge or skill, or to a certain mental state.