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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Bead n.
 1. A prayer. [Obs.]
 2. A little perforated ball, to be strung on a thread, and worn for ornament; or used in a rosary for counting prayers, as by Roman Catholics and Muslims, whence the phrases to tell beads, to be at one's beads, to bid beads, etc., meaning, to be at prayer.
 3. Any small globular body; as, (a) A bubble in spirits. (b) A drop of sweat or other liquid.  “Cold beads of midnight dew.” --Wordsworth. (c) A small knob of metal on a firearm, used for taking aim (whence the expression to draw a bead, for, to take aim). (d) Arch. A small molding of rounded surface, the section being usually an arc of a circle.  It may be continuous, or broken into short embossments. (e) Chem. A glassy drop of molten flux, as borax or microcosmic salt, used as a solvent and color test for several mineral earths and oxides, as of iron, manganese, etc., before the blowpipe; as, the borax bead; the iron bead, etc.
 Bead and butt Carp., framing in which the panels are flush, having beads stuck or run upon the two edges. --Knight.
 Bead mold, a species of fungus or mold, the stems of which consist of single cells loosely jointed together so as to resemble a string of beads. [Written also bead mould.]
 Bead tool, a cutting tool, having an edge curved so as to make beads or beading.
 Bead tree Bot., a tree of the genus Melia, the best known species of which (Melia azedarach), has blue flowers which are very fragrant, and berries which are poisonous.

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Bid v. t. [imp. Bade Bid, (Obs.) Bad; p. p. Bidden Bid; p. pr. & vb. n. Bidding.]
 1. To make an offer of; to propose. Specifically : To offer to pay ( a certain price, as for a thing put up at auction), or to take (a certain price, as for work to be done under a contract).
 2. To offer in words; to declare, as a wish, a greeting, a threat, or defiance, etc.; as, to bid one welcome; to bid good morning, farewell, etc.
    Neither bid him God speed.   --2. John 10.
    He bids defiance to the gaping crowd.   --Granrille.
 3. To proclaim; to declare publicly; to make known. [Mostly obs.] “Our banns thrice bid !”
 4. To order; to direct; to enjoin; to command.
    That Power who bids the ocean ebb and flow.   --Pope
    Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee.   --Matt. xiv. 28
    I was bid to pick up shells.   --D. Jerrold.
 5. To invite; to call in; to request to come.
    As many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.   --Matt. xxii. 9
 To bid beads, to pray with beads, as the Roman Catholics; to distinguish each bead by a prayer. [Obs.]
 To bid defiance to , to defy openly; to brave.
 To bid fair, to offer a good prospect; to make fair promise; to seem likely.
 Syn: -- To offer; proffer; tender; propose; order; command; direct; charge; enjoin.