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From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Can·cel v. i. [imp. & p. p. Canceled or Cancelled p. pr. & vb. n. Canceling or Cancelling.]
 1. To inclose or surround, as with a railing, or with latticework. [Obs.]
    A little obscure place canceled in with iron work is the pillar or stump at which . . . our Savior was scourged.   --Evelyn.
 2. To shut out, as with a railing or with latticework; to exclude. [Obs.] Canceled from heaven.”
 3. To cross and deface, as the lines of a writing, or as a word or figure; to mark out by a cross line; to blot out or obliterate.
    A deed may be avoided by delivering it up to be cancelled; that is, to have lines drawn over it in the form of latticework or cancelli; though the phrase is now used figuratively for any manner of obliterating or defacing it.   --Blackstone.
 4. To annul or destroy; to revoke or recall.
    The indentures were canceled.   --Thackeray.
    He was unwilling to cancel the interest created through former secret services, by being refractory on this occasion.   --Sir W. Scott.
 5. Print. To suppress or omit; to strike out, as matter in type.
 Canceled figures Print, figures cast with a line across the face., as for use in arithmetics.
 Syn: -- To blot out; obliterate; deface; erase; efface; expunge; annul; abolish; revoke; abrogate; repeal; destroy; do away; set aside. See Abolish.

From: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

 Fig·ure n.
 1. The form of anything; shape; outline; appearance.
    Flowers have all exquisite figures.   --Bacon.
 2. The representation of any form, as by drawing, painting, modeling, carving, embroidering, etc.; especially, a representation of the human body; as, a figure in bronze; a figure cut in marble.
    A coin that bears the figure of an angel.   --Shak.
 3. A pattern in cloth, paper, or other manufactured article; a design wrought out in a fabric; as, the muslin was of a pretty figure.
 4. Geom. A diagram or drawing, made to represent a magnitude or the relation of two or more magnitudes; a surface or space inclosed on all sides; -- called superficial when inclosed by lines, and solid when inclosed by surfaces; any arrangement made up of points, lines, angles, surfaces, etc.
 5. The appearance or impression made by the conduct or career of a person; as, a sorry figure.
    I made some figure there.   --Dryden.
    Gentlemen of the best figure in the county.   --Blackstone.
 6. Distinguished appearance; magnificence; conspicuous representation; splendor; show.
    That he may live in figure and indulgence.   --Law.
 7. A character or symbol representing a number; a numeral; a digit; as, 1, 2,3, etc.
 8. Value, as expressed in numbers; price; as, the goods are estimated or sold at a low figure. [Colloq.]
    With nineteen thousand a year at the very lowest figure.   --Thackeray.
 9. A person, thing, or action, conceived of as analogous to another person, thing, or action, of which it thus becomes a type or representative.
    Who is the figure of Him that was to come.   --Rom. v. 14.
 10. Rhet. A mode of expressing abstract or immaterial ideas by words which suggest pictures or images from the physical world; pictorial language; a trope; hence, any deviation from the plainest form of statement.  Also called a figure of speech.
    To represent the imagination under the figure of a wing.   --Macaulay.
 11. Logic The form of a syllogism with respect to the relative position of the middle term.
 12. Dancing Any one of the several regular steps or movements made by a dancer.
 13. Astrol. A horoscope; the diagram of the aspects of the astrological houses.
 14. Music (a) Any short succession of notes, either as melody or as a group of chords, which produce a single complete and distinct impression.
 (b) A form of melody or accompaniment kept up through a strain or passage; a musical phrase or motive; a florid embellishment.
 Note:Figures are often written upon the staff in music to denote the kind of measure. They are usually in the form of a fraction, the upper figure showing how many notes of the kind indicated by the lower are contained in one measure or bar. Thus, 2/4 signifies that the measure contains two quarter notes. The following are the principal figures used for this purpose: --
 2/22/42/8 4/22/44/8 3/23/43/8 6/46/46/8
 Academy figure, Canceled figures, Lay figure, etc. See under Academy, Cancel, Lay, etc.
 Figure caster, or Figure flinger, an astrologer. “This figure caster.” --Milton.
 Figure flinging, the practice of astrology.
 Figure-of-eight knot, a knot shaped like the figure 8. See Illust. under Knot.
 Figure painting, a picture of the human figure, or the act or art of depicting the human figure.
 Figure stone Min., agalmatolite.
 Figure weaving, the art or process of weaving figured fabrics.
 To cut a figure, to make a display. [Colloq.] --Sir W. Scott.